Shaded Seats at Coors Field

Owing to its mile-high elevation, Coors Field is as susceptible to sun as any stadium in the big leagues. You can fight off the sun by donning sunglasses and a Rockies hat - or you can avoid the sun altogether by sitting in a shaded area.

Here are some simple rules for staying out of the sun at Coors Field:

  • Choose seats on the third base side of the field
  • Choose seats in the highest row possible
  • Avoid the outfield at all costs

Why Sit on the Third Base Side?

best shaded seats coors field
The best place to find shaded seats at Coors Field is on the third base side of the field

At Coors Field, home plate faces north. In turn, the sun sets behind seats on the third base side of the field. As it begins to set, seats on this side of the field will be the first to receive shade. Meanwhile, seats on the first base side and in right field will be staring at the sun.

The best seats for shade on the third base side? Easy - it's club level sections 234 - 247. Most rows in these sections are shaded by first pitch for a 1pm game. And by 3pm all seats in these sections are safely out of the sun. As a bonus, you can escape to the indoor club when the weather is unbearable or you're still waiting for your seats to become shaded.

A quick warning about club seats on the other side. Sections 214 - 227 are usually shaded for the first few innings (depending on the time of year). But these sections start to become very exposed as the day wears on. By 3 p.m. (the sixth inning for a 1 p.m. start), only the back few rows are still shaded.

How Do I Know If My Seats Will Be Shaded?

Several factors determine if your seats will be in the shade. Among these are the time of game and month of year. For example, sections in the outfield rarely see sun in early April and late September. But in June and July, these are the sunniest seats in the ballpark.

To simplify things, purchase tickets in the highest row possible in your section. If you choose seats in a high row on the third base side, you'll never have to worry about the sun.

So which rows are high enough? Here's a quick list for 1pm games:

  • Sections 118 - 127: Row 36+
  • Sections 134 - 147: Rows 32+
  • Sections 214 - 227: Rows 11+
  • Sections 234 - 247: Rows 8+
  • Sections 315 - 330: Rows 23+
  • Sections 331 - 347 : Rows 19+

The rows listed above are shaded between 1 and 4 p.m. all year. Seats on the third base side will have more rows in the shade as the game moves along. For example, sections 331 - 347 are in the upper deck and sitting in rows 19 and above guarantees you shade. But if you don't mind sitting in the sun for an inning or two, you can sit in a lower row and wait for the sun to move and the shade to arrive.

Are the Outfield Seats Shaded?

Some right field seats at Coors Field are shaded at first pitch for a 1 p.m. game. However, use caution when purchasing tickets here. There's a good chance that by the third or fourth inning the sun starts shining on your knees. And an inning or two later you might find that your entire body is lit up by the sun. This frequently happens to fans at the front of sections 105 - 109 and in the Right Field Mezzanine sections 201 - 209.

There are only a few rows of seats in the outfield that are always shaded. As a result, we recommend that fans with sun sensitivity completely avoid this area.

If you're really adamant about sitting in the outfield, the following seats are your best bet for shade:

  • Sections 105 - 109: Rows 14+
  • Sections 205 - 209: Rows 12+

You can find more shade in sections 205 - 209 than what is listed - but be careful not to push the envelope for afternoon and evening games when these seats are drenched by the sun.

A Note About Shade During Night Games

sunny outfield seats at coors field
This photo (taken at 5:30pm) shows how sunny right field and the first base side can get before a night game.

The Rockies regularly play 6:40 p.m. games during the week. Although it might be tempting to ignore warnings about the sun for night games, some seats are simply unbearable at this time. If you're sitting in sections 105 - 120 or 301 - 319 for a night game in June, July or August, do not forget a hat and sunglasses!

Covered Seats at Coors Field

With all the weather that Denver can throw at you, it is always a good idea to consider covered seats at Coors Field. These seats are protected from the stadium roof or the seating level above.

  • 300 Level: Rows 9 and above
  • Club Level: Rows 8 and above
  • Sections 118-127 and 134-147: Rows 32 and above
  • Sections 105-109: Rows 11 and above
  • Sections 201-209: Rows 4 and above