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Coors Field Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Infiniti Cub (Rockies Games) - The most impressive and desirable seats at a Rockies game are located behind home plate in the Infiniti Club. These seats offer un-paralleled views o...
  • Wells Fargo Club (Rockies Games) - Wells Fargo Club seating is located on the second tier of Coors Field and runs from the first base side through the third base side (sections 214-227 ...

Rockies Dugout & Visitor Dugout

Rockies Dugout - The Rockies players sit in front of 122, 123, 124 and 125
Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of 136, 137, 138 and 139

Infield Box Seating

  • Infield Box Seating - Coors Field best seats are in the box level infield From behind home plate and the team dugouts, fans in these sections will feel extremely close the...

Right Field Mezzanine Seating

  • Right Field Mezzanine Seating - Exclusive to right field only, Mezzanine sections put you on the second tier of seating in the outfield. High exposure to the sun on day games, moder...

Rockpile Seating

  • Rockpile Seating - The Coors Field Rockpile is famous for being the cheapest seats in the house. Most tickets are reserved for day of game sales at the stadium box offi...

Rooftop Seating

  • Rooftop Seating - With 38,000 square feet of standing room, concessions, bars, and common areas, the Rooftop is a great destination for fans who want a more social atmo...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Coors Field Covered Seats
  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Where to Find Shaded Seats at Coors Field   Owing to its mile-high elevation, Coors Field is as susceptible to sun as any stadium in the big lea...

Coors Field Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

One of the most common questions we receive in regard to Coors Field is where to find covered seats for Rockies day games, and fans have shared that this can really make or break a day at the ballpark. As such, you will notice that we have hand picked our recommendations for great views at Coors Field to correspond with better areas for finding relief from the hot summer sun in the mile high city.

Among the best options for watching a ball game from the lower level are found in the sections near the dugouts. On the third base side, sections 137-139 will have you closer to the visiting team dugout and provide excellent angles to the pitchers mound and the middle of the infield. A big advantage to being on the third base side is that the seats face east, putting the sun at your back earlier. The first base side (sections 122-124) features similar sight lines and will get you closer to the Rockies dugout, but you will have a longer engagement with sun to your face during day games. You can find overhead coverage in rows 32 and higher, and we don't recommend going lower than row 30 as the lower seats have less elevation above field level and longer walks to and from the concourse.

Seats behind home plate are a favorite among baseball enthusiasts thanks to prime views of pitches breaking across the plate and excellent angles to all areas of the field. Sections 129-132 at Coors Field provide that scout style perspective for an impressive viewing experience but there is little to find in the shade department during day games. As such, we recommend opting for rows 30 and higher here which give you a very good seating height and also keep you within a 10 row walk of the concourse.

If you're looking for a more affordable option on the lower seating, consider searching in rows 30 and higher of sections 112 and 113. These seats have no overhead protection and face the sun for the majority of a day game, however they are angled very nicely back towards the infield for a good viewing perspective. Stick to rows 30 and higher and you'll never be more than a 10 row walk to the concourse should you need a break from the sun on a day game.

The second seating tier (also known as the Wells Fargo Club level) offers an ideal seating height which gives great sight lines to almost any area of the field. Some of the best club level seats for watching a game are found in rows 5-13 in sections 225-226 and 235-236. Railings at the front of the sections are large and overhead coverage doesn't start until row 8, so the higher the better when sitting here. Smaller sections allow for shorter trips to the restrooms, and in-seat wait service lets you order food and beverage without having to leave the game. Avoid sections 227 and 234 whenever possible as additional railings on the home plate side of the sections lends additional distraction to your view of the game.

Other club level options with good views include the upper rows of sections 243 and 244 which have a nice natural line of sight pointed towards the back of the infield. These seats face east for less time with the sun, and in rows 8 and higher you will have very good overhead coverage from the 300 level sections above.

As the upper seating deck has little to no protection from the sun, it is difficult to recommend seats here when you want to be able to dial into the game without any distraction. However if you get priced out of the lower 100 level and second tier Club level, stick close to the dugouts on the upper deck and always opt for seats in rows 9 and lower which will keep you in the lower portion of the sections. Sitting in rows 10 and higher leaves you with aerial views and multiple railings impacting your sight lines.

Rows 30-38 in Sections 129, 130, 131 and 132

  • Incredible views of the action from right behind home plate
  • Great perspective to the batters box and on-deck circles
  • Good viewing height and close to the concourse

Rows 30-38 in Sections 112 and 113

  • Seats are angled nicely back toward the infield
  • Located within 10 rows of the concourse
  • Be prepared for a healthy dose of sunshine during day games

Sections 122, 123, 124 and 137

  • Excellent viewing angles to the heart of the infield
  • Close to the team dugouts
  • Shorter walks to and from the concourse

Rows 5-13 in Sections 225, 226, 235 and 236

  • Amazing sight lines to the pitchers mound and batters box
  • Ideal viewing height on the second seating tier of Coors Field
  • Order food and beverage right to your seat so you don't miss a single pitch

Rows 8-13 in Sections 243 and 244

  • Further down the third base line but have a good angle to the infield
  • Excellent viewing height from the second tier of Coors Field
  • Covered seating with in-seat wait service limits the need to visit the concourse

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Sections 222, 223, 225 and 226

  • Great elevated view of the action from behind home plate
  • Exclusive club level atmosphere provides an upscale experience
  • Amenities include wider seats, premium concessions, and in-seat wait service

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Best Seats for Kids and Family

Some of the best options for a family outing at Coors Field are found in the upper rows of sections 145-147 near the left corner. These seats have you and your group facing towards the east which helps put the sun to your back sooner, and if you sit in rows 32 and higher you'll also have the benefit of overhead coverage provided by the overhanging 200 level seats above. A Buckaroos stand features child sized concession items nearby at section 149, which is also where you can find a playground area. Family restrooms are not far (located just above section 150), and you'll have a Majestic team store for bringing home a souvenir. Although the seats in sections 148-150 get you closer to the family friendly amenities, it is important to note that these have no coverage at all, and will see a lot of sun during Rockies day games.

Another area to consider is the 200 level sections behind the right field wall. Unfortunately you face towards the sun longer here, but if you opt for seats in rows 4 and higher of sections 201-207 you will at least have some overhead coverage from the 300 level deck above. From these sections you are just a short walk down to the main concourse level where you can find all the fun of the interactive area beyond the right field wall. There are activities available for fans of all ages, including batting cages for kids 13 and older, junior batting cages for smaller children, tee ball, a speed pitch booth, and a fantasy broadcast booth where you can call a half inning of the game and go home with a DVD of your performance. And being in the outfield, you will also be close to Dinger's playground and the Platte River picnic area both located beneath the Rockpile sections in center field.

For fans searching on the upper level, there is a designated family seating area located in the lower rows of section 342 down the third base line. These seats will see a good amount of sun for a day game, however alcohol is strictly prohibited and you will be near a family restroom.

Rows 4-17 in Sections 201, 202, 203 and 204

  • Right by the interactive area - featuring batting cages, tee ball, and fantasy broadcast booth
  • Overhead coverage when sitting in rows 4 and higher
  • Near Dinger's playground and the picnic area

Rows 1-8 in Section 342

  • Designated family seating area in rows 1-8
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted

Rows 32-38 in Sections 145, 146 and 147

  • On the shadier side of Coors Field
  • Covered seating when sitting in rows 32 and higher
  • Near a Buckaroos kids concession stand, play area, and merchandise store

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

Sections 313, 314, 315 and 316

  • Close to a lot of alcohol concessions on the upper level, including a bar area
  • Great place to drink alcohol and socialize in the stadium
  • Ticket prices in the lower tier on the upper level

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Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Sitting within 10 rows of the visiting team dugout is one of the very best options for an away team fan during a visit to Coors Field, and you'll find these seats in sections 136-139 on the third base line. As the dugout occupies the area where seating rows 1 through 4 normally would have been, a ticket in row 5 gets you right up against the structure and provides the unique pleasure of getting to rest your food and beverage directly on the roof! Stick to rows 5 through 14 and you'll never be more than 10 rows from the dugout, while maintaining excellent views of the infield as well.

Another good option for supporters of the visting team are the sections just above the visitors bullpen (201-203) in right center field. When sitting in the front row you'll be just a slight lean forward from peering down at the bullpen staff as they await the call to get warm. From these sections you also get a straight away line of sight to the visting team dugout, and you're just a short walk up to the nearby concourse (there's no more than 6 rows of seating in sections 201-203).

If its your first trip to Coors Field and you're attending a summer day game to root on the visitors, you'll notice that there aren't many areas to find relief from the bright sun. As such, we recommend considering the upper seating rows (8 and higher) of club level sections 234-236. You'll be under cover of the overhanging deck above and also have access to the climate controlled club level concourse to help you beat the heat. These seats also keep you close to the vistiors dugout, and feature in-seat food and beverage service.

One of the more unique seating options a visiting team fan might want to check out are the mile high seats located on the upper 300 tier. These are easy to spot as they are the only purple seats on the upper deck (all others are green) and they continue throughout the 300 level exclusively at row 20. Its fun to say that you sat exactly at the 5,280 foot mile high mark at Coors Field, but we recommend purchasing a ticket in an area with better overall views and just making a quick trip up here for a half inning or so.

Sections 201, 202 and 203

  • Located just above the visitors bullpen
  • Straight away sight lines into visitors bullpen

Rows 5-14 in Sections 136, 137, 138 and 139

  • Within 10 rows of the visitors dugout
  • Great viewing position to the middle of the infield

Rows 8-13 in Sections 234, 235 and 236

  • Good alignment with the visitors dugout
  • Covered seating with good protection from the sun
  • Access to the premium Wells Fargo club level concourse

Seating Tips & Advice

  • "If you can get the first row in Section 325 there is not a better seat in the house." - You are on the third deck but I believe you have the best view of the field and if you are in the first row, no one is in front of you and there is plenty of leg room. There is one thing that makes this section extra special – the view of the mountains. There is nothing prettier than a night game when the sun is setting at Coors Field. From section 325 you will have the ultimate view of God's great work.
  • "Want a home run ball? Sit in Section 152." - Players routinely deposit balls into the bleachers in left field and if you sit close to the foul pole you have a good chance to get one of your own.
  • "The angle of the seats makes it difficult to see the batter in 117 and 118." - Everyone down there has to lean out of their seat to see the pitch.

Coors Field Seating Reviews

  • "Decent Views For Quasi-Cheap Seats" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - Wanted to see a game at Coors Field and not pay a ton. Between their bad 2012 start and craigslist,...
    Section 204, Row 4, Seats 4-6
  • "Good view - in the shade for part of the game" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - Section 336 is pretty good - upper level, good view of the game. I originally chose this section b...
    Section 336, Row 4, Seat 21
  • "Great view & nice shade" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - Seats had a good view slightly left of home plate. The view of the entire field was very good too wi...
    Section 234, Row 5, Seats 5-6
  • "San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies - Aug 3, 2019" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - We had seats in section 338, row 19. Middle of the row (seats 15-19). We thought they were great! It...
    Section 338, Row 19   Verified Customer
  • "San Francisco Giants at Colorado Rockies - Jul 15, 2019" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - These seats were just above third base in the shade, club level. The attendants made sure people wer...
    Section 242, Row 10   Verified Customer
  • "GREAT view, CRAMPED seats!" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - The view from our seats was incredible! If you are a fan of the visiting team you will LOVE this spo...
    Section 138, Row 12, Seats 7 & 8
  • "Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies - Jul 31, 2019" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - We had seats in the upper deck, right behind home plate. We were in row 10, which is the first row ...
    Section 331, Row 10   Verified Customer
  • "Perfect if you want to sit in the shade during a 1pm game" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - This was a 1:10pm game on July 1st. It was nearly 100 degrees and thankfully we were in the shade a...
    Section 139, Row 29, Seats 1-12
  • "In shade half of game" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - Seats have great view of game and access to club level which was great on super hot (96 degrees) day...
    Section 226, Row 4, Seats 5-8
  • "Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies - Jun 28, 2019" - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜… - They were on the back row up against where everyone was standing. Very uncomfortable and it was hot ...
    Section 136, Row 38   Verified Customer
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