Concord Pavilion

Floor 3 at Concord Pavilion


Concord Pavilion Floor 3 View

Floor 3 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Floor 3 are labeled DD-LL

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  • Floor 3 Reviews

    So Close to the Stage

    Oct 2019

    Floor 3, Row JJ

    So, so close to the stage. Just about 10 rows away. Truly remarkable. Only problem was that seating on folding chairs didn't rise above the rows in front of you. If the front row is standing, you probably are too!

    • Floor Seats


      Floor seating for many shows at the Concord Pavilion includes a reserved Pit section at the front, with 3 additional floor sections just behind.  Pit Seats   For a reserved seating performance, the Pit seats will be some of the best available, located right up against the stage. The section will have 3 lettered rows of seating (Row AA at the front, Row CC at the back).  Sections 1-3   Sections 1-3 are not far behind and also have impressively close views throughout the 8 lettered rows of seating (Row DD at the front, Row LL at the back). General Admission Setups For select performances, these floor sections can be replaced with a single general admission floor seating area. Be sure to check the event details for your show before determining which seats are best for you. 

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