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Lawn seating is great for fans that want a bit more room to stretch out and relax during a performance. Seating is general admission, so fans are advised to get to the pavilion as early as possible to secure the best spots.

Lawn Seat Views

Views will be difficult from outside the Pavilion reserved seating area, but there is no better place for a comfortable, social atmosphere during a performance.

Reserved Lawn

The Reserved Lawn section is typically on the right side behind section 204 at Concord Pavilion. Ticket holders will have access to this reserved seating area and not have to worry about staking out a good spot.

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    Concert Lawn Seats Seating Chart at Concord Pavilion

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    Standing Room at top of Lawn

    Oct 2019


    The most crowded part of the lawn is at the back where they were standing 3-deep. It's a flat paved area close to bathrooms and concessions. There's also quite of bit of cover and shade from the trees which is a nice break.

    Front of the Lawn

    Oct 2019


    Lawn doesnt go back that far so most of the spots seem pretty good. Lawn also had a pretty good slope so was decently comfortable, although I do recommend renting or bring a lawn chair for more back support.

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