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Section 104 Seating Notes

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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 104 are labeled A-M

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    • Lower Reserved


      Lower reserved seating sections 101-107 offer fans a dedicated reserved seat close to the stage. These seats have excellent views with good proximity to the stage and a very good viewing height.   One of the biggest advantages to seats in the 100 level is that all seats in are covered by the roof. Most sections in this location have 22 lettered rows of seating (Rows A through W). Section 104 is slightly smaller with the mixing booth located at the back, and only features 12 lettered rows of seats (Rows A-M). 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Horrible. "

      (Section 103) - -

      We had excellent seats with a decent view. The crew responsible for making sure people were in their seats did not do their job at all. It might as well have been General Admission.

    • "Pretty close and good view "

      (Section 107) - -

      Pretty good view of stage even though it wasn't centered. Seat 14 is probably the furthest you would want to sit. The smaller the seat number, the more centered to the stage you will be. Good view of stage as long as someone taller isn't standing in front of you.

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