Shaded Seats at Comerica Park

Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon

Finding the shade during a midday game at Comerica Park is no easy task. While the Tigers Den seats offer some of the best overhead protection and shade in the upper rows, these are also some of the most sought-after and expensive tickets available for a Tigers Game. Fans will be hard-pressed to find shaded, non-premium seating on the lower level and may have to head up to the upper deck to get relief from the sun.

Shaded seating in the Tigers Den Sections at Comerica Park
Aside from being one of the more unique and comfortable seating options around the MLB, the Tigers Den sections also provide the best shade at Comerica Park

Among the best options for lower-level shade (other than the Tigers Den seats) will be Sections 112-115 near the right field corner. The overhanging seating deck and Tiger Club structure provide good shade in the upper rows of these sections (rows 40 and higher), and the area will see more shade as the day progresses, thanks to the eastward-facing seating direction. On the upper seating tier, fans can find decent shade in the last handful of seating rows of most sections, but should avoid the corners (Sections 216, 219, and 345-346).

Shaded seating in Sections 112 through 115 at Comerica Park
Overhead coverage and east-facing seats provide good shade in the back of Section 112-115

Where are the worst places to sit if you want to be out of the sun for a mid-day first pitch? Fans should certainly avoid Kaline's Corner (Sections 107-111), Field Level sections down the third base line, and most seating beyond the outfield wall.

Shaded Seating for Events After 3:00

Afternoon games give fans decent options to be in the shade on all seating levels at Comerica Park (other than in the outfield). While the Tigers Den seats will be the absolute best option for staying out of the sun, other alternatives can primarily be found down the first baseline.

Starting from the first base dugout near Section 123 and running down to the right field foul pole at Section 112, fans will have good relief from the sun in seating rows 27 and higher. As the day progresses, the shadows grow longer along this first base side, creating additional shade in rows closer to the field. Mezzanine seats (Sections 211-218) will also have good shade coverage, beginning around Row 12 and extending up to the top of the sections.

Afternoon shade down the first base line at Comerica Park
Shade extends furthest along the first base line during afternoon games at Comerica Park (photo credit: jbjas42 via Flickr)

The third base side will be your enemy if you want to stay out of the sun. Avoid field-level seating along the third baseline and in the upper deck on this side of the field. Outfield seating will also see little relief, so bring sunscreen if you sit beyond the outfield wall.

As evening approaches and the shadows grow longer, seats in left field and down the first base line continue to be in the sun (photo credit: mkumm via Flickr)

Covered Seats at Comerica Park

Comerica Park offers limited coverage for spectators. However, you can find covered seats in certain sections and rows. Here's a breakdown of the areas to consider when looking for protection:

  • Tiger Den and Terrace Seats: Rows C and above
  • Sections 112-115: Rows 37 and above

Sections 104-107: Rows CC (double letters) and above

  • 200 and 300 Level Seats: Last five rows