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Comerica Park Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • On-Deck Circle Seats (Tigers Games) - For fans who wish to enjoy the amenities of the Tiger Den seats - but prefer to sit closer to the field - there are the On-Deck Circle seats. These cl...
  • Suites - The Suites at Comerica Park are made up of 2 levels, the Lower Suites and the Upper Suites. Both levels of suites run along the ballpark from the firs...
  • Tiger Den Seats - Tiger Den seats are among the most popular and desirable seating options at Comerica Park. These seats offer an elevated view of the field from the in...
  • Upper Box Club Seats - The Upper Box Club seats are located in the front (lettered) rows of Sections 321-337 on the upper seating tier. Ticketholders will have wider, padded...

Best Seats For a Concert at Comerica Park

The most common seating layout at Comerica Park for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 101, Section 102 and Section 103. For many concerts there are also slight variations to the layout, which may include General Admission seats, fan pits and B-stages.

On the Field: Sections Field AA, Field BB, Field CC and Field DD are Field Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. For many concerts, field sections are added or removed. These performer-specific adjustments may alter the field layout and the views from each field section.

To the Side of the Stage: For close views of the stage with a little bit of elevation, consider seats to the side of the stage in Section 111, Section 113 and Section 141. The view is not head-on like on the field, but many of the seats are closer to the stage, provide better elevation and are actual stadium seats.

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section 125, Section 126, Section 127 and Section 128 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance.

Even upper level sections offer unobstructed sitelines. Just keep in mind that you won't be able to see as much detail from these seats as you would if you sat closer to the stage.

Consider the Following When Buying Concert Tickets

Seats behind the stage are occassionally sold: Unless your main objective is to just get in the building, you'll want to completely avoid anything behind the stage - like those in/near or above sections Section 101, Section 102, Section 103 and Section 104. It's unlikely the performer will turn around to salute you - and you're more likely to be completely blocked out from seeing the show.

If you're on the shorter side (or bringing kids), consider field seats only in the first few rows: The most common complaint amongst field ticketholders is that they can't see the stage because of taller people in front of them. As an alternative, consider side sections near the stage that will still have you close and high enough to see.

Lower level side sections are not created equal: While the side sections closest to the stage are top-notch, side sections farther from the stage may leave you with a cramp in your neck. Sections Terrace 118 and Terrace 137 are not well-angled towards the stage - leaving you to turn your head for an ideal view. Instead, consider head-on sections in the lower level or even close side seats in the upper level like 342 and 343.

Tigers Ticket Information

2023 Tigers tickets

The 2023 Tigers tickets guide includes the season schedule, ticket price information and the best options for buying tickets.

Bleachers and RF Grandstand Seating for Baseball

  • Bleachers and RF Grandstand Seating - Right field sections at Comerica Park are known by two names: Bleachers and Grandstand Seats. Seats in rows V and higher are traditional (hard metal) ...

Field Seats for Concerts

  • Field Seats - Field Seats for a Comerica Park concert are usually the most desirable tickets. These are the closest sections to the stage and will have the best vie...

Tigers Dugout & Visitor Dugout

visitor dugout comerica park
The visitor dugout at Comerica Park is located on the first-base side of the field.

Tigers Dugout - The Tigers players sit in front of Section 131, Section 132, Section 133, Section 134 and Section 135

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 120, Section 121, Section 122, Section 123 and Section 124

Kaline's Corner Seating for Baseball

section 108, row 47 seat view  for baseball - comerica park
  • Kaline's Corner Seating - Kaline's Corner seats are located down in right field at Comerica Park. These are usually among the cheapest Tigers tickets in the lower level. D...

Left Field Pavilion Seating for Baseball

section 149, row kk seat view  for baseball - comerica park
  • Left Field Pavilion Seating - On the Tigers seating chart, sections 144-151 make up the Left Field Pavilion Seats. These sections are located behind the bullpens (Tigers near 147/1...

Mezzanine Seats

section 215, row 16 seat view  for baseball - comerica park
  • Mezzanine Seats - Mezzanine seating at Comerica Park is located down the right field line above field level seating. Although these seats are technically on the 200 lev...

Right Field Balcony Seating for Baseball

right field balcony 2 seat view  for baseball - comerica park
  • Right Field Balcony Seating - Right Field Balcony sections are located on the second tier of seating beyond the right field wall. The seats are comprised of swiveling office-style...

Terrace Seats

terrace 116, row h_2 seat view  for baseball - comerica park
  • Terrace Seats - Terrace Seats at Comerica Park are located just above the field level, offering good views from the back of the lower seating tier. Fans will enjoy e...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Comerica Park Covered Seats
  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Shaded Seats at Comerica Park Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon  Finding the shade during a midday game at Comerica Park is no easy task...

Comerica Park Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

When searching for great views of a Tigers game at Comerica Park, you will generally want to stay as close as you can to the middle of the infield. You won't find many remarkable views beyond the outfield wall, and as the inner seating bowl at Comerica Park is comprised of two main tiers, the very best options will be located on the lower 100 level.

Among the best seats for watching a Tigers game will be in the upper rows of the sections nearest to the dugouts. Sections 132-134 keep you closer to the Tigers dugout on the third base side, while sections 121-123 are near the visitors dugout on the first base side. You could get closer to home plate with a seat in section 124 or 131, but from these two areas you will have to look through the protective netting to watch the batters box. The lower rows are certainly impressive being so close, however we prefer the upper rows here (26 and higher) for a better viewing height and quicker trips between the concourse and the seats.

The truest of baseball fans will often comment about the incredible views from behind home plate, thanks to the unique ability to follow pitches as they break cross the plate and the way which hits appear to explode off the bat. You can experience this same excitement when sitting in the upper rows of sections 126-129 at Comerica Park, which also gives you clear sight lines to just about every area in the ballpark. The lowest rows here are very shallow to the field level, so we recommend opting for seats in rows 20 and higher to have a much better height for following the action and additional clearance over fans in front.

For a cheaper option with good views on the lower level of Comerica Park, we recommend searching down the left field line in rows 26-35 of sections 114 and 115. These are the first sections which begin to angle back towards the outer edges of the infield, providing good sight lines to the majority of the action. These seats will see a good amount of sun during the early innings of a day game, but will get the sun to their back much sooner than fans down the left field line. The higher rows here (37+) get better overhead coverage, but have an additional railing in front of row 37 and at the sides of the seating rows which can be distracting.

Should the budget restrict your search to one of Comerica's upper seating tiers (200 and 300 levels), you can still find affordable seats with decent views down the first base line. Stick with seats in the lower portion (lettered rows), as seats in the upper portion begin to have a birds eye view and more railings and safety glass to compete with. Rows B-F in sections 321-323 are very good options, with excellent angles to the infield and videoboard, and also provide a padded seat. Further down the line, consider rows B-F in sections 217-218 which also have good angles to the infield, and actually sit lower to the field than the neighboring 300 level sections closer to home plate. Taller fans can roll the dice with seats in Row A (first row), but with a railing at the front of the section, it is safer to opt with lettered rows B and higher.

If you noticed the Tigers Den and Terrace seating sections as being omitted from our recommendations, it is not an indictment on the quality of these seats. They offer the most comfortable and convenient seating options in Comerica Park, and are also great places to find shade for a Tigers game. However as the Tigers Den and Terrace seats are so unique (personal tables, smaller seating areas) and are known to have a plethora of railings (in front of almost every seat), they are a better choice for fans who prefer a relaxing outing over an optimal viewing experience at Comerica.

Rows 20-35 in Sections Section 126, Section 127, Section 128 and Section 129

  • Amazing straight away views from behind home plate
  • Better elevation in the back half of the sections
  • Impressive sight lines to the batters box and on deck circles

Rows 26-35 in Sections Section 121, Section 122, Section 123 and Section 132

  • Beyond the netting for clear views to home plate
  • Impressive proximity to dugouts with excellent seating angle facing the infield
  • Good viewing height and within 10 rows of the concourse entryway

Rows 26-35 in Sections Section 114 and Section 115

  • Seats nicely angled toward the infield
  • More affordable lower level option
  • Good sight lines to the the videoboard above left center

Rows B-F in Sections Section 217 and Section 218

  • Affordable option with good viewing angles to the back of the infield
  • Lower and closer to the field than comparable options down the third base line
  • Straight away views of the videoboard

Rows B-F in Sections Section 321, Section 322 and Section 323

  • Very good viewing angles to the heart of the infield
  • Excellent alignment with the left field videoboard
  • Comfortable padded seats keep you focused on the game

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

It's difficult to find a more impressive spot at Comerica Park than the premium Tigers Den seats located just above the lower level between the dugouts. The seats themselves are some of the most unique in baseball, featuring a wide wooden chair (but still padded) that resembles something you might find on a comfortable backyard patio rather than in a ballpark. A private table between each pair of seats provides a great spot to place your food and beverage - which you can order and have delivered all while never having to leave your seat. Fans also get excellent overhead coverage providing relief from the weather, and will have access to the upscale Tiger Den club lounge.

The Terrace seats offer a good alternative to the Tigers Den, although with less in the premium amenities department. You won't get access to the club lounge or have in-seat wait service, but these seats are still very unique with plush padded seating, private tables in front of the seats, excellent coverage, and a smaller seating environment for a more intimate feel. Among the best options throughout the Terrace are sections 136T-138T as they keep you closer to the Tigers dugout. Just be sure to stick with rows A-G, as there are some seats in the last row (H) which have less than ideal views behind support beams.

If you're not all about the premium bells and whistles, consider searching in rows 7-11 of sections 132-134 if you want to leave a lasting impression. These seats get you within 5 rows of the back of the Tigers dugout, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better spot for up-close views of the players as they move about between innings or await their turn at the dish in the on-deck circle. You'll also get sensational views of the infield, pitchers mound, and a great angle for appreciating the Detroit architecture in the backdrop of right center field.

And while the right field balcony (sections RB1-RB3) might not pop out as being an impressive option for enjoying a Tigers game at Comerica, these seats do provide some unique features which are worth considering. The views of the game will be further, however a ticket here gives fans an office style swivel chair with comfortable mesh backing, personal ledge right in front of the seat, and a large bar area just a few steps away.

Sections Tiger Den 120, Tiger Den 121, Tiger Den 122 and Tiger Den 123

  • Premium experience in the Tigers Den seats
  • Padded seating with your own side table
  • Protective overhang to keep seats in the shade

Rows A-G in Sections Terrace 136, Terrace 137 and Terrace 138

  • Unique seating including small tables in the Tiger Terrace
  • Good proximity to the Tigers dugout and well covered overhead
  • More affordable option compared to the Tigers Den seats

Rows 7-11 in Sections Section 132, Section 133 and Section 134

  • Within 5 rows of the Tigers dugout!
  • Stunning views of the infield, pitchers mound, and home plate
  • Excellent sight lines to the Detroit architecture beyond right field

Sections Right Field Balcony 1, Right Field Balcony 2 and Right Field Balcony 3

  • Unique and comfortable office-style swivel chairs
  • Personal ledge right in front of each seat

Best Seats for Kids and Family

The Big Cat Food court is one of the best places to visit if you're bringing the family to a Tigers game at Comerica Park, and to stay close by we recommend searching for tickets in sections 118-120 down the first base line. Unfortunately you won't find much overhead coverage to provide shade in the middle of the day, however these seats do face towards the east helping to put the sun at your back sooner and also give you a great angle to the videoboard. At the Big Cat Food Court you'll find a treasure chest of concession options which offer something for just about everyone, picnic style tables, and at the very center of it all you can catch a ride on the old fashioned carousel! Opt for seats in rows 26 and higher and you'll never be more than a 10 row walk from all the concourse amenities.

The third base side also has a big time attraction with the Fly Ball Ferris Wheel located just above section 132. But for families looking for a stress free day at the ballpark, we recommend sitting a bit closer to home plate (search in sections 128-130) so that you can keep your group safer behind the protective netting. You'll feel close to the Tigers dugout, and if you stick to rows 31 and higher you're always just a short walk to and from the seats (no more than 5 rows).

Other than the premium Tiger Den and Tiger Terrace seats, there unfortunately aren't a ton of options for keeping your family out of the midday sun at Comerica Park. However if you can find tickets in rows 38 and higher of sections 112-114, you'll find some rare coverage and shade thanks to the overhanging Tiger Club structure above the seats. An interactive area with fun tee ball games and a pitch speed booth are just a short walk away (outside section 106), and it also won't take all that long to get to all the fun of the Big Cat Food Court near section 119. It is important to note that rows 37 and higher in sections 112-114 are in an upper portion of the section, and as such there is a safety railing just in front of row 37. We recommend avoiding row 37 if bringing your little ones as it may be difficult for them to see clearly to the field.

Rows 26-35 in Sections Section 118, Section 119 and Section 120

  • Right by the Carousel located just behind section 119
  • Great food options for any appetite at the Big Cat Food Court
  • Excellent viewing angle to the videoboard and just 10 rows from the concourse

Rows 31-35 in Sections Section 128, Section 129 and Section 130

  • Ride the Fly Ball Ferris Wheel just outside section 132
  • Good views of the Tigers players entering and exiting the dugout
  • Short 5 row walk to and from the concourse and behind the safety netting

Rows 38-45 in Sections Section 112, Section 113 and Section 114

  • Close to the entertaining tee-ball and pitch speed games near section 106
  • Good coverage and shade provided by the overhanging Tiger Club
  • Short walk to the Big Cat Food Court and Carosel

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

For Baseball: Sections 104, 105 and 106

  • Small section which makes it easy to get to the concourse
  • Near some of the finest beverage locations in the stadium
  • Cheaper tickets in the outfield corner

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Although the tickets will be on the more expensive side, seats in the first four rows of sections 125-126 are some of the very best a visiting fan could ask for during a trip to Comerica Park. Not only do you get a sensational view of home plate, but you'll feel right behind your favorite players as they warm up in the on-deck circle, and even have a view into the visiting team dugout. Higher numbered seats are closer to the third base side, so opt for the lowest numbered seats to be closer to the dugout.

Another similar option which offers potential views into the dugout can be found in the first 3 rows of section 119 (on the outfield side of the dugout). Higher numbered seats are the way to go here, as seat 16 will have you directly on the left aisle which is closest to the dugout. You may have to peer through the camera man to see the team on the bench, but the experience is still impressive. Viewing angles to the videoboard are excellent, but be aware that these seats will spend a good amount of time in the sun for a day game.

With the visitors dugout taking up the space where rows 1-6 normally would be found, a seat in row 7 of sections 120-124 will give you the amazing experience of being right behind your favorite players when they're not on the field. Stick with rows 16 and lower and you'll never be more than 10 rows away from the top of the dugout. Concourses are located at the top of the sections here, so the one downfall is the lengthier walk to and from the seats.

Should your budget be a bit more generous, we strongly recommend considering the Tigers Den sections as these are among the most unique seats in all of baseball. Large deck-style wooden chairs (don't worry - the seats are padded) and a table between each seat help provide the ultimate relaxing experience at the ballpark, and most rows here are well covered by the seating deck above. Additional premium benefits include in-seat wait service and access to a club lounge.

One option which sometimes falls off the radar for visiting team supporters are the seats behind the visitors bullpen out in left center field. A ticket in rows A-C of sections 150 and 151 will have within 3 rows of the bullpen staff as they await the call from the skipper to get loose. You won't have much of a view of the videoboard and will get a healthy dose of sun for a day game, but you do have a nice angle into the visitors dugout on the first base side.

But if you're in Detroit for the first time and got priced out of some of the lower tier sections, we recommend searching in the lettered rows of sections 332-334. These are located at the front portion of the section, and offer additional comfort thanks to padded seating. However the reason to sit here are the impressive views of the Detroit skyline in the background of right field. You'll also just be a quick trip down to Ferris wheel located on the third base side of the lower level.

Rows 1-4 in Sections Section 125 and Section 126

  • See into the visiting team dugout!
  • Great views of the away team batters at the nearby on-deck circle

Rows 1-3 in Section 119

  • Just on the outfield side of the visitor's dugout
  • Sneak a peek inside the dugout from the first 5 rows!
  • Great angle to the left field videoboard

Rows 7-16 in Sections Section 120, Section 121, Section 122 and Section 123

  • You'll be no more than 10 rows behind the visitors dugout!
  • Perfect viewing angle to the videoboard
  • Impressive sight lines to the middle of the infield

Sections Tiger Den 120, Tiger Den 121, Tiger Den 122 and Tiger Den 123

  • One of a kind Comerica Park experience from the Tigers Den seats
  • Great alignment with the visitors dugout
  • Excellent coverage and protection from the weather

Rows A-E in Sections Section 150 and Section 151

  • Just 5 rows from the visitor's bullpen
  • Sight lines into the visiting team dugout

Rows A-F in Sections Section 332, Section 333 and Section 334

  • Excellent viewing angle to the Detroit skyline behind right field
  • Padded seating in rows A-F

Seating Tips & Advice

  • "Upper Deck Club Seats Are Padded and Wider" - The Club seats in the upper level (Rows 1-5 of Sections 321-333) are padded and wider than regular seats. However, they DO NOT come with special privileges like access to the Tiger Club or Lounge

Comerica Park Seating Reviews

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  • "Disappointed " - - Went to see the Cleveland Indians play the Detroit Tigers...we were pumped because we had front row ...
    Section 118, Row 1, Seats 12/13 / Baseball Review
  • "Scoreboard Difficulty" - - Sitting in the left field seats gave me an interesting perspective of the game that was decent, but ...
    Section 149, Row D, Seat 11 / Baseball Review
  • "Obstructed View" - - Seats 15 and 16 are on the aisle next to the visitor dugout and would seem to be the perfect seats.....
    Section 119, Row 2, Seat 15 / Baseball Review
  • "Annoying Railing" - - I was happy to get seats in the 7th row of the upper deck because I always like sitting in this area...
    Section 338, Row 7, Seat 4 / Baseball Review
  • "Obstructed View" - - Purchased P!NK seats during the pre-sale. I thought I was getting really good seats in the front and...
    Section 144, Row D, Seats 1 & 2 / Concert Review
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    Section 211, Row 7, Seat 15 / Baseball Review
  • "Good Angled View" - - I really liked sitting in these seats on the upper level because I could see everything on the field...
    Section 218, Row 11, Seat 7 / Baseball Review
  • "Cool View" - - When I got my ticket for the very last row in this section, I was expecting to have a terrible view ...
    Section 324, Row 20, Seat 7 / Baseball Review
  • "Great view" - - The ladies bathroom is further than I wanted to walk/run in between innings, but it worked. Great v...
    Section 131, Row 33, Seats 10-12 / Baseball Review
  • All Ratings & Reviews

    Venue & Seating Questions

    • Are there any areas for people in wheelchairs at Comerica Park?

      The Tigers do not make accessible seating areas publicly available, but there are a lot of accessible seating areas. Please call the Tigers directly (866-66 TIGER) for accommodations. They can help you schedule a drop-off, elevator access and ticket purchases.

      Comerica Park Accessible Seating Information

    • How can I find aisle seats at Comerica Park?

      When viewing tickets for a Tigers game on our Interactive Seating Chart for Comerica Park, there will be an option under the Advanced Filters heading on the right side of the screen titled "On/Near Aisle". When clicked, this filter will limit the tickets shown on the map to only those which are available on or near an aisle.

      Interactive Seating Chart Filter for Aisle Seats - Highlighted in the Red Box Above

      Unfortunately it is possible that there are no aisle listings are available from our ticket selling partners, in which case the the Aisle filter will be greyed out and can not be clicked.

      It is important to be aware that when attempting to purchase aisle tickets, most sellers will require you to buy all quantities of tickets available in the listing. So we recommend reading the seller notes thoroughly prior to purchasing your tickets. And if you should have any questions or concerns regarding a potential aisle seat listing, please feel free to contact us directly before purchasing and we will be glad to help in any way possible.

    • Are there handicap seats on the Right Field Balcony of Comerica Park?

      The Right Field Balcony, also known as the Pepsi Porch, has very limited seating options for fans during the game. There are only 3 rows of seating in this area and no designated spot for handicapped seating. However, the seats are on a swivel and there is a space both behind and in front of the seats, so they can be accommodating for fans in a wheelchair. Handicapped fans should try to get seats in row CCC since this is the back row and does not require walking down any stairs to get there.

      Other than just the sitting area, the entire Pepsi Porch is handicap accessible. There is an elevator that reaches the level and handicap restrooms to accommodate. Even fans who do not have tickets in this location can come sit on some of the large amount of patio furniture that is set up in this area and enjoy the view and expansive bar.

    • I would like to purchase tickets for the Pepsi porch section at Comerica

      All group tickets in the picnic sections at Comerica Park may be purchased directly from the Tigers Comerica Park Group Picnic Tickets. The Tigers require a 50% deposit on all picnic bookings, and prices vary by picnic seat location.

    • What is DAC seating at Comerica Park?

      DAC seating rows are designated handicap accessible seats at Comerica Park. These seats are usually comprised of moveable padded folding chairs located on the same level as the entry tunnel, which allow space for a wheelchair and allow guests to avoid walking any stairs to get to their seats.

      Highlighted Above: Row DAC in Section 343 at Comerica Park
    • How many rows in each section at Comerica Park?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.
    • Is seat number 1 on the left or right side of sections?
      As you look towards the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.
    • More Answers...
    • How many seats in Section 118 Row 5 at Comerica Park?
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    • What is section 141 A, Row C at Comerica Park?
    • Which section would I chose to be in the Pepsi Porch at Comerica Park?
    • What is the difference between sections 116 and 116A at Comerica Park?
    • Are seats 19 and 20 in row 9 of Section 325 on the aisle?

    Other Photos From Comerica Park

    downtown detroit from comerica park
    Upper Level seats on the first-base side have the best views of downtown Detroit.

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