CMAC (Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center)

Rear 3 at CMAC


Rear 3 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Rear 3 are labeled AAA-UUU

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    • Reserved Seats


      Reserved seating under the pavilion at CMAC is divided into three levels: Front, Middle, and Rear. All tickets in these sections are assigned with a row and seat number. Fans sitting here can find comfort knowing they are covered by the pavilion roof if there is any bad weather. Front Seats 2-5  Seats closest to the stage are labeled as the "Front" sections. All rows are single-lettered.  Front sections 3 and 4 are centered to the stage and have individual seats. Every two rows is a step and railing which segments seats and gives them more space. For some shows, these seats are removed and the section becomes general admission. Sections 2 and 5 are permanent seats bolted to the ground. Views to the stage are more angled, but clear. The front-most section is labeled as Orchestra 4. Seats in this are rarely available due to their high desirability. Middle Seats 1-6 Middle seats have double-lettered rows labeled AA-PP. Each row is slightly more elevated than the one in front of it due to the slant of the theater. Sections 2-5 have the best views located directly in the center of the venue. Rear Seats 1-6 Located at the back of the pavilion, just before the General Admission Lawn, are the "Rear" sections. Rows here are triple-lettered AAA-UUU.  Views are elevated to the stage due to the incline of all the sections in front. Choose seats in Rear 3 or 4 for centered views. 

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