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Floor seating at the Chase Center will take on a variety of configurations. Some shows have a center stage with 360-degree floor seating, while others will see a catwalk extend from the main stage through the floor sections.

The most traditional setup - known as end-stage - features a stage setup between sections 101 and 118. Most often there will be six floor sections labeled Floor 1 - Floor 6. Among these, Floor 2 will be the most desirable section due to its location centered to the stage. Other front floor sections include Floor 1 and Floor 3 which are all within 25 rows of the stage. Meanwhile, rear floor sections are similarly sized, except for Floor 5 which is shortened due to the Mix area.

Other Floor Arrangements

While the description above describes the most common layout, some artists will remove, replace and alter the size of the reserved floor sections. And others will play in front of a general admission floor. When purchasing floor tickets at the Chase Center, it is important to consider the configuration to ensure yourself the best seats.

Chase Club Access

Fans can access floor seats through the floor-level tunnels or through the Section 110 aisle. The floor-level tunnels also lead directly to the Chase Club which is a modern hangout with a bar and lounge seating that is exclusive to floor ticketholders.

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    Great Floor Seats with Chase Club

    Oct 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor 3, Row 15

    Floor seats at the brand new Chase Center! This was for The Who concert and the only time anyone sat down was when they starting playing stuff off their new album. Otherwise, if you're on the floor, expect to stand! One thing I really liked about the floor was getting access to the Chase Club. It's not set up like it is for basketball with food and everything. But it had a big bar and lounge to hang out in. In my experience you don't get much with floor seats at other places, so this was a nice touch that I was not expecting.

    Awesome Seats!

    Oct 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor 5, Row 1, Seat 10

    Floor 5 was the second section from the stage, and there was a big aisle between the section in front and the first row. Made it a lot easier to see!

    Absolutely Amazing!

    Oct 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor 2, Row 13, Seat 16

    These are EXPENSIVE but totally worth it! Row 13 feels so close to the stage.

    Queen and Adam Lambert - Nov 8, 2023

    Nov 2023

    Concert Review
    Floor 6, Row 9   Verified Customer

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