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Box Seats at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

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Box Seats at Bethel Woods Center are located at the back of each section in the Pavilion. To find where your Box is located, look at the first two digits of the Box on your ticket. For example, Box 403 is directly behind Section 4, while Box 1002 is behind Section 10 (Boxes 133-138 are an exception; they're behind Section 100).

Boxes are semi-private areas that contain space for 4-6 chairs. If you purchase two tickets in a box you may be sharing it with a stranger. Boxes have a ledge or table to place drinks, concessions and other personal items.

At most shows Box Seats come with perks like in-seat wait service and access to the VIP Club Area. The club space features upscale menu items, a lounge area and full bar. These benefits aren't included with all tickets so be sure to read the seller notes for more information.

Additional Box seating is available in the center of the Pavilion but tickets in these areas are primarily made available to season-long Bethel Woods members.

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