Autzen Stadium

Section 31 at Autzen Stadium


Autzen Stadium Section 31 View

Section 31 Seating Notes

  • These seats are located behind the visitor sideline
  • Rows 1-18 are recommended for impressing a guest
  • Rows 25-29, 34-50 are recommended for great views of the field
  • Desirable view from near midfield
  • Rows 41-94 are part of the Club at Autzen
  • All seats in this section are stadium-style with backs - see more
  • Rows 54 and above are under cover
  • See all shaded and covered seating

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 31 are labeled 1-77
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows 30 and 62

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 31 Reviews

    • Club at Autzen


      The Club at Autzen is an exclusive seating area located within select rows of sections 29-33 along the South side of the stadium. These seats are perfectly situated along the sideline at the best height for seeing the entire field. Ticketholders sitting in the club seats will enjoy seats with chair backs, armrests, and cupholders. Guests also get access to the climate-controlled Club Room.  This space has upgraded concessions and access to beer and wine that can be brought back to your seats. Other amenities include the Club at Autzen Duck Store, televisions, dining tables, couches, and elevator/escalator access. Views From the Club Seats  All Club at Autzen sections are located between the 20-yard lines. And all seats are 40-80 rows from the field. The resulting sightlines are excellent - guests have an elevated sideline view without being too far away.  

    • Sideline


      With only one level of seating at Autzen stadium, sideline sections can run up to 94 rows - making row selection the key to finding great seats. On each side of the field the best views will be found between rows 25 and 40. While you may be tempted to sit closer to the field, you'll have a better panoramic view of the field from the higher rows and you'll also be closer to the section tunnel for easy access to the concourse. If you do choose to sit in a lower row, you'll be slightly elevated behind the Oregon bench in Sections 8-14 and behind the visitor sideline in Sections 28-34. Lower portions of Sections 30-32 are sideline preferred seating areas. Ticketholders receive benefits, including chairs with chair-backs, cupholders, and access to the South side main concourse. Additional chairback seating can be found in select sections on this side of the field, while the opposite sideline features bench-style seating. While the south side of the stadium features expansive chairback seating, it also has the benefit of an expansive roof. Sitting in rows 60 and higher in Sections 28-34 give you a good chance of being covered. Comparatively, the north side of the stadium is wide open, uncovered and faces into the setting sun in the late afternoon. Sections 6-8 deal with the sun a little better, while ticketholders in Sections 14-16 should bring a hat and sunglasses. 

    • Recommended For Impressing a Guest


      As close to the Oregon sideline as you can get. Midfield location between the 30s. Chairback seating for additional comfort

    • Recommended For Great Views of the Field


      Best views in the stadium. Comfortable seating on chairbacks. Close to the section tunnel for quick trips to the concourse

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