AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium)

Section 443 at AT&T Stadium


AT&T Stadium Section 443 View

Section 443 Seating Notes

  • For football games, we recommend rows 1-6 for kids and family
  • For football games, we recommend rows 1-6 for impressing a guest
  • For football games, we recommend rows 9-13 for visiting team fans
  • For football games, desirable view from near midfield

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 443 are labeled 1-6, 9-30
  • There is a walkway betweeen Rows 6 and 9
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 6
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 443 Reviews

    Seats sucked wind!! No Jumbo-Tron!!

    Jun 2018

    Concert Review
    Section 443, Row 22, Seats 4,5,6

    I am very disappointed in these seats for The Eagles concert we attended last night. They were so high up which for a football game may be ok, but for a concert? Nothing doing! Before the concert we noticed we were seated right in front of the huge jumbo tron which we were glad to see because it would have been the only thing you could see of a concert. The bad part about that was they didn’t turn it on until the last song of the show which was “Deep in the heart of Texas!” I don’t know who thought that would be a great idea but it wasn’t worth $120 each! Plus parking. Sound was echoing because of how high we were in the stadium. Just a terrible venue and terrible seats for a $500 night out. I will NEVER! Go to another concert at AT&T stadium!! Jerry too cheap to run the Jumbo-Tron. Had it been on? It would have been not so bad. At least I wouldn’t have a crick in my neck trying to see something. Don Henley spoke saying “everyone paid to SEE a concert.” What he didn’t realize was that some only got to hear a concert! Never again! Never again! We should be refunded for the stadiums lack of concern!!

    Great view from 50 yard line of field and video board!

    Nov 2014

    Football Review
    Section 443, Row 2, Seats 1-2

    These are great seats, they are in the 4th level, but they are the loge seats so are just above the luxury box's and are cushioned for added comfort. The seats are part of the 9 row loge section, and since these were on the isle, we were a short distance from the bathrooms and multiple concessions. You do have to get up to let others in and out of the row out, but still love the isle to get in and out easily. The view of the field is great to see the game unfold, but also have the option to view the action on the awesome large screen directly out in front you you. Amazing HD video!! The Cowboys make games an event with lots of great music and video to fill the gaps during game breaks. Would recommend these seats to anyone and they are much cheaper than the 50 yard line seats in the lower levels.

    • Upper Level Sideline (Football)


      400 Level Sideline seating is home to the most affordable midfield tickets AT&T stadium. Located on the highest tier and featuring the most amount of seating rows in the stadium (maxing out at 28 rows), these sections are a good option for fans on a budget that still want to enjoy decent views - which they can get from either watching the field or the massive videoboard that will seem to be at eye level from this level of the stadium. Sections on this upper level are divided into a lower and upper portion by a walkway and entrance tunnels, with rows 1-6 located closest to the field in the lower seating rows 9-30 located above. 

    • For Football - Recommended For Kids and Family


      More affordable seating on the 400 level. Sideline perspective with head on views to massive videoboards. Close to the upper level concourse

    • For Football - Recommended For Impressing a Guest


      Desirable sideline viewing angles near midfield. Comfortable padded seating. Excellent views of the massive videoboards

    • For Football - Recommended For Visiting Team Fans


      Affordable ticket prices for visiting fans travelling to Dallas. Head on views of the videoboard which is right at eye level. Closer to the visiting team than being on the south sideline

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