AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium)

Section 243 at AT&T Stadium


AT&T Stadium Section 243 View

Section 243 Seating Notes

  • For football games, we recommend rows 6-15 for visiting team fans

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 243 are labeled 1-15
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 15
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

For Concerts, Section 243 May Have a Limited View

243 is behind the stage or to the side of the stage for most concerts. This may restrict or limit your view of the performance.

For more information about the stage setup for your show, find your event.

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  • Section 243 Reviews

    • Main Level Endzone (Football)


      Located on the second tier up from the playing surface, the 200 Level Endzone sections provide fans with a close view of touchdowns from behind the line of scrimmage. Fans will be limited to viewing the smaller endzone video board only, but will have great access to the main concourse amenities. Comprised of 12 sections (6 at each endzone) seating in this location provides a more intimate feel with just 15 rows in each section (row 1 closest). Section 223 is the exception at 13 total rows, with Row 13 featuring handicap accessibility. 

    • For Football - Recommended For Visiting Team Fans


      Great viewing angle down the visiting team sideline. Comfortable positioning to the middle of the field with excellent viewing height

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    • "terrible seats"

      (Section 223) -

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