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The floor seats at Amway Center are perfect for fans trying to get close to the performance. These tickets give fans access to stage-level seats and are typically among the most expensive for a show.

Standard Floor Setup

In a traditional end stage layout, the floor of the Amway Center consists of 7 sections of seating, with section 1 located closest to the stage, followed by sections 2-4 near the middle of the floor, and sections 5-7 at the back.

For the best and closest views, you will want to find yourself in floor section 1 during an end stage performance. The section has just 5 lettered rows of seating (beginning with row A a the very front). There is no elevation between rows, so fans should be aware the further back on the floor they go the more difficult it can become to see over the fans in front of them.

For this reason, shorter fans might want to compare their options with tickets on the terrace level which give more height between rows.

Other Concert Floor Setups

Not all performances will feature a traditional end stage layout. Many touring artists bring their own stage and setup when they come to town. These unique stages and setups will change the seating arrangements so it is important to check the Amway Center concert seating chart for your show before purchasing tickets.

Some performers won't have any seating at all on the floor and tickets will be general admission. For these shows, fans with floor tickets should arrive early to get as close to the stage as possible since they will not have a reserved spot.

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    Comfortable but needed to be spaced out more

    Sep 2015

    Concert Review
    Floor 5, Row AA, Seat 11

    Floor seats are padded folding chairs, very close together and attached. The man sitting next to me was larger than his seat which made me have to sit on part of the seat next to me. The ushers accommodated us by pulling seats apart giving us more room, great resolution. Everyone stood throughout the concert, so you had to stand to see, or sit and watch the screens, I did both. For some reason drinks were sold in uncovered cups. That was really the only downside. It was a great time!! Sound was great. Next time I won't get a floor seat.

    Casting Crowns - Oct 27, 2022

    Oct 2022

    Concert Review
    Floor 7, Row J   Verified Customer

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