​Reserved 100 and 200 Levels Are Covered

​Assigned seating on the 100 and 200 levels closest to the stage are the covered seating options at American Family Insurance Amphitheater. This combination of being reserved, close, and protected makes them the most expensive options for concerts at the venue.

The pavilion roof ends at the backside of the 200 level seats. The venue is open at the back to the lawn which may allow for a raindrop or two may make its way to last few rows of the 200 level due to wind.  It is advised to choose a row at least a few in from the back of the section for this reason. However, all fans seated in these sections can feel safe and protected from any bad weather on the night of a concert.

​300 Level Bleacher Seating and Lawn

The 300 level seats are the only reserved seating option that are not covered by the American Family Amphitheater pavilion roof.  Sitting here gives the benefit of a reserved seat similar to the 100 and 200 levels, but will leave fans exposed if there is any bad weather.

Lawn seats are also uncovered. Since this area is grass it can get messy on rainy days. Those with tickets in the lawn should come prepared with blankets, ponchos and towels depending on the forecast.