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  • For most events, rows in Section 213 are labeled A-S
  • When looking towards the court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 213 Reviews

    Tunnel Vision

    Nov 2013

    Concert Review
    Section 213, Row S, Seat 1

    In the last row of section 213 for the BSB show, and there was a lot to contend with when it came to viewing the action on the floor. Banners and flags hanging down from the top of the arena made it feel like I was watching the show through a tunnel. I couldn't help by look up at the decorations hanging from the ceiling, and it prevented me from really getting wrapped up in the performance. Rows S, R, and Q were the last rows in the section, and for some reason are not as well angled as the rows closer to the front (less elevation between rows in Q-S), making it more difficult to see over the people in rows R and Q. Seats in the lower rows appeared to have a good height difference between each, and wish that had continued up through our row. Being in the last row does have the advantage of easy in, easy out, and the seats were fairly comfortable with a nice angle to the center of the floor, but with being so far back and all elements in my field of vision, it was frustrating.

    The Upper Level Is Better Than You Think

    Apr 2018

    Concert Review
    Section 213, Row H

    I'm used to seeing arena shows at United Center where the upper level is really far away. The 200 level at Allstate isn't so bad for a concert. Especially when you consider the tickets are priced similar to the 300 level at United Center, these seats were a pretty good deal.

    Great view.... very cramped

    Dec 2018

    Concert Review
    Section 213, Row A, Seats 45-46

    Loved being front row balcony but the seats allowed no leg room at all. Disappointed with that but the show was great!! (TSO)

    • Upper Level Corner (Concert)


      Corner sections 213 and 216 are very large sections that take up the entire corner. Luckily they are each split up by two aisles dividing the large section into 3 much smaller sections. The seats in the middle portion of both sections are from 21-47 going from right to left. Any seat number lower that 21 will be on the right half of the section and anything above 47 will be on the left. The only obstructions in the entire arena to be aware of are in sections 213 where an American Flag hangs above. For this reason we suggest avoiding rows Q or higher if possible. 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Nice angle to the stage with plenty of legroom"

      (Section 216) - -

      I sat in Section 215 Row E Seat 54 for the BSB, 98 Degrees, B2M show in July. My seat was just to the left of the railing at the end of the section, but had a great angle to see both of the stages with relative ease. When I got to the seat, I was initially worried that it would be right in the mid...

    • "Clear view, very windy from vent"

      (Section 216) - -

      If you run hot, this sect/row is for you. Strong wind from the vent the whole concert. Super tall people sat in front of us but otherwise would have been a clear view

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