Xcel Energy Center

Section 205 at Xcel Energy Center


Xcel Energy Center Section 205 View

Section 205 Seating Notes

  • For hockey games, desirable view from near center ice

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 205 are labeled 1-11
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 11
  • When looking towards the ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 205 Reviews

    • Upper Level Sides (Hockey)


      Fans looking for a bargain should strongly consider side seating on the upper level. Though they're often more expensive than end seats on the upper level, the front rows of these side sections offer the same view as the back rows of the club level seats that are just below. Rows 1-3 provide exceptional views of the ice and have to be considered the best deal in the arena. As you get into higher rows, the views begin to suffer - though you'll be closer to the concourse in these higher rows. 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Seating was so steep and no room"

      (Section 207) - -

      A 300 pound guy was next to me and our seating was so steep he fell down two rows. I had more room in my seat on the C 130 I flew in when I was in the army 40 years ago than the seat at the concert.

    • "Good view family section"

      (Section 222) -

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