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Wells Fargo Center Mezzanine Level

Features & Amenities

The upper level of the Wells Fargo Center is also referred to as the Mezzanine Level. Each upper level section contains approximately 15 rows of seats with row 1 located at the front of each section.

Where to Sit

When choosing tickets in these sections, you'll want to purchase seats in the lowest row possible. Like most major arenas, there is a significant difference between the first and last rows of the upper level.

Anything in row 6 and below will have you feeling like you're just above the Club Level Boxes. Meanwhile, if you have to climb the stairs to a double-digit row, you might regret your decision to save a few dollars.

Flyers fans will want to aim for sections on the South end of the arena (e.g.: 204-210). The home team shoots toward this end in the first and third periods.

For basketball games, we recommend being close to center court or on an angle in the corner. These will have the most comfortable sitelines and won't be directly behind the basket.

Finally, the Mezzanine Level for concerts is the most affordable way to attend a show. We think the front rows of sections 214 and 224 offer the best value and their proximity to the stage makes them better than lower level sections on the end (e.g.: 105-109).

Mezzanine Level Alternatives

Recent renovations have added more options for budget-conscious fans at Wells Fargo Center. Instead of purchasing a cheap ticket at the top of the Mezzanine Level, consider a Revolutionary Row or Assembly Room ticket instead. You'll have a similar view and more convenient access to amenities and social spaces.

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    Mezzanine Level Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Awesome view !"

      (Section 210) - -

      No one in front of us and no one directly behind (the row behind you is elevated and behind plexiglass). Can also see the faces of players on the benches. Nice ledge in front of you to place food and drink.

    • "Awesome Seats! "

      (Section 210A) -
    • "Great seats"

      (Section 223) - -

      Was a much better choice of seat for our first time going to a game.

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