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Seating Tips & Advice | Mar 20, 2015

1989 in 2015: A Guide to Taylor Swift's Upcoming World Tour Seating Charts

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The next tour stop for Taylor Swift is Tuesday, November 20 in Tokyo.

1989 in 2015: A Guide to Taylor Swift's Upcoming World Tour Seating Charts

Taylor Swift is gearing up to head on her fourth tour as a headliner this spring. The 1989 World Tour kicks off in North America on May 20, and features Vance Joy, Shawn Mendes and HAIM as openers. For her biggest tour yet, the superstar is taking on venues that will fit thousands of more fans, including baseball and football stadiums in select cities. Find out where you can get the best seats for these highly anticipated shows. 

Taylor Swift performing
Taylor Swift kicks off her North American Tour on May 20

Photo Credit: adapted from Wikimedia

With bigger venues comes the problem of fans sitting further away. Fortunately, Swift has found a way to solve this long-distance problem with her unique stage setups.

Bigger venues, further fans

For example, Taylor Swift's seating chart for shows at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia features a catwalk that extends the entire length of the field. This nearly 70 yard catwalk gives almost every seat on the floor the best views. Even fans near the back of the stadium get an unexpectedly great view for parts of the performance.

A second catwalk runs the opposite direction near the center of the venue and gives fans in the raised side sections a close view at times as well.

Taylor Swift Lincoln Financial Field Seating Chart
Swift's shows at Lincoln Financial Field feature a unique stage setup that gives fans better views

Photo Credit: Rateyourseats.com

Smaller venues, even closer fans

While Swift is accommodating more fans in some cities, other shows will still be held in standard size arenas. Stages in these venues, however, will still have a catwalk running the length of the floor. This makes for great views in sections near the back of the arena for at least portions of the performance.

Because these venues hold a smaller numbers of fans, Swift will perform multiple shows in many cities, especially in Los Angeles, where the Staples Center will host the singer for a whopping five nights in August.

More differences to expect from Swift's seating charts

Select seating charts will feature Pit or general admission (GA) sections near the stage or the far end of the catwalk, like the show at the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City on Sep. 4.

Pit and GA sections will not have reserved seating and it is recommended that ticket holders arrive up to a few hours before the doors open in order to get a good spot, as long lines will form for the first-come, first-serve sections. Opening times can usually be found on the venue's website.

General Admission Pit Sections
Pit and GA sections are usually closest to the stage, standing room only and first-come, first-serve
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Some of Swift's shows also include a second stage, named the B stage, which extends from the end of the catwalk. Fans near the back of the venue will enjoy closer views when Swift performs from this additional stage.

Trade-offs for general admission sections

Fans that are interested in tickets in the Pit sections or near the B stage will have some trade-offs to consider. The pit sections will have closer views of the main stage, where Swift performs for a majority of the show. However, when Swift nears the B stage, fans in the pits will be left with awkward views of Taylor's backside, and those near the front of the pit, are now farthest from the action especially in stadium venues.
Taylor Swift Bossier City Pit Section
Fans arrive early for the best spot in the pit section at the Bossier City show. Views here will be the closest when Swift performs on the main stage.
Photo Credit: Taylor Swift fan KevinRose

Fans in the general admission sections that are located near the B stage in some venues, will have the best views for portions of the performance. Swift only performs from this stage for a few songs, and usually the lower-key ballads and acoustic sessions. Fans will be left straining to see Taylor when she returns to the main stage.

The obvious concern for fans considering tickets in these sections is price. Tickets will be far more expensive in the pit sections near the main stage. Fans can expect to pay well over $1,000 or even $2,000 for seats here. Though still on the higher end of price options, tickets near the B stage may be as low as $500 in some cities.

Some exceptions

A few venues will have an end-stage setup, like the show at the Greensboro Coliseum on Oct. 21. Fans attending this show will find the best seats on the floor, near the front of the venue.


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