Lee Brice

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Lee Brice Ticket Prices & Tour History


Lee Brice has scheduled a few shows in the United States and Canada thus far this year. Most of these shows have been at Coushatta Casino Pavilion in Kinder. Listed below are some of the most recent shows of the year.

Recent Shows This Year

  • January 14th - Coushatta Casino Pavilion


Lee Brice scheduled more than a half-dozen shows in 2022. This includes the January 30th show at Mohegan Sun Arena and a November 5th show at Credit One Stadium in Charleston.

The average ticket price for all shows was $95 with the highest prices being recorded for the show in Raleigh at Red Hat Amphitheater.

Highest Average Ticket Price for 2022

  • September 10th - Red Hat Amphitheater - $105
  • September 8th - Ting Pavilion - $105
  • June 16th - Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre - $100
  • September 23rd - Brookshire Grocery Arena - $95
  • September 16th - PNC Pavilion - $95
  • January 30th - Mohegan Sun Arena - $90
  • November 5th - Credit One Stadium - $80
  • June 11th - Saint Louis Music Park - $80