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Elton John Tour Schedule

Elton John does not have any events currently scheduled!

Elton John Ticket Prices & Tour History


The January 19th show at Smoothie King Center was one of the first shows Elton John scheduled in 2022. In all, there were more than 35 shows scheduled across North America.

Ticket prices for Elton John concerts in 2022 averaged about $465. Among these, the July 24th show in East Rutherford (MetLife Stadium) was the cheapest, with an average ticket price less than $225.

Lowest Average Ticket Price for 2022

  • July 24th - MetLife Stadium - $225
  • November 4th - Minute Maid Park - $265
  • October 29th - Alamodome - $290
  • October 2nd - Nissan Stadium - $295
  • March 9th - Bell Centre - $305
  • September 8th - Rogers Centre - $315
  • July 23rd - MetLife Stadium - $340
  • July 15th - Citizens Bank Park - $380
  • March 13th - Scotiabank Arena - $405
  • April 16th - KFC Yum! Center - $410
Previous Elton John Concerts

Elton's Pre-Farewell Tours

Elton John has toured extensively throughout his career, playing thousands of shows in front of millions of fans. Although his music has been around for decades, Elton John's music is timeless and fans continue to sell out his tours. His most recent tour was in support of his thirtieth studio album which was spread out over two years and was called the "Wonderful Crazy Night Tour". This run of shows consisted of 145 dates and spanned the entire globe with 31 of those dates happening in smaller markets throughout the U.S.

The concert setup was minimal for an artist of his popularity, but for his fans it's the music that matters. With thirty studio albums, there was quite the repertoire to choose from for the setlist. Still, Elton kept fans happy playing all the major hits including Bennie and the Jets, Crocodile Rock, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting, and Rocket Man.

Elton John June 2017

Following the conclusion of the "Wonderful Crazy Night Tour", Elton John spent some time in Las Vegas holding a residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The residency, called "The Million Dollar Piano" was easily one of the most popular shows on the strip during its time in early 2018. Night after night the Colosseum was filled with Elton John fans and Elton John hits that spanned his entire career. Reviewjournal.com estimated that Elton John played in front of 1.8 million fans at just his Las Vegas residencies alone.

As his touring winds down, millions of fans will keep the memories of seeing Elton John live with them to remember his historic career.

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Farewell Tour Tickets Now on Sale

Tickets are on sale now for one last chance to see Elton John live in concert. Elton recently announced the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, which spans three continents and lasts more than three years. More than 150 shows were announced on January 24, 2018, with additional announcements highly anticipated. Despite the abundance of shows, tickets are expected to sell out fast as one music's greatest legends says farewell for good.

Demand for Elton John tickets was most recently exemplified during his Las Vegas residency which concluded in May 2018. Nearly two million fans flocked to Sin City to see Elton play more than 450 shows at Caesars Palace over the course of 15 years. And in the final two legs of the tour in 2018, all 27 shows were completely sold-out.

Every tour stop is expected to have a packed house and an undeniable atmosphere, but there are a few places that might have an extra-special feeling. After getting warmed up for a month, the tour will take on Madison Square Garden on October 18th and 19th and then three weeks later for another back-to-back. Another return trip in March concludes with a March 9th show at Barclays Center - his last show in New York.

[Updated November 2018] As expected, more Yellow Brick Road your tickets have been made available for new shows in Europe. The fifth leg of the tour winds through the UK and Ireland with a concluding show on December 16th at the O2 in London. Expect ticket prices for Elton's final show to reflect an other-wordly demand.

While announcing a final tour has become an annual ritual for some bands (we're looking at you, Ozzy), most insiders believe the 71-year-old Brit is embarking on a true farewell tour. This notion has sparked even greater demand for seats and has sent #EltonFarewllTour ticket prices surging.

To purchase tickets or to see the most up-to-date pricing information, click a show listed in the Farewell Tour Schedule.

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Details on the Concert Stage

Elton John's Farewell Yellowbrick Road Tour stage is one of the most elaborate he has ever had on tour. The videoscreen behind the band is outlined with "brick" symbols that span his entire career. Some of the most recognizable elements on the left side (when facing the stage) include the Lion King, Elton John AIDS Foundation, and Soul Train. Highlighted on the right side are musicals Aida and Billy Elliot along with a portrait of Ryan White who fought the stigma of AIDS with Elton John and several other celebrities.

Left side of the stage
The left side of the stage

Elton's piano is set up on the left side when looking at the stage and he plays almost the entirety of the set from there. This is to the delight of fans sitting near that side of the stage since they are close at all times. To the opposite effect, fans located on the right side might feel a little slighted after thinking they had seats up close to where Elton would be playing. Regardless, his stage is grand enough to appease the entire audience.

Right side of the stage
The right side of the Elton John stage

The rest of his band members are in a tiered layout within the stage. These extremely talented band members play several drumsets, keyboards, guitars, and other instruments which are all needed for the wide ranging Elton John setlist. Although the video screen is plenty big for fans to see, most shows will have two additional screens on either side of the stage for fans to enjoy. These video screens often highlight the other musicians for concert goers to appreciate.

Elton John on stage
Elton John playing on stage at Allstate Arena outside of Chicago

Every element was thought out to make each night on the tour more than an Elton John concert, but an Elton John experience.

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Is There an Opener?

No, there is not an opener for Elton John's Farewell Tour. Fans should expect the show to start promptly at the time listed on their tickets. Late-arrivers will be at risk of missing some of the set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a limited/obstructed view?

The stage will be located on one side of the arena. Since the seats in most stadiums go all the way around, some will be located to the side or behind the stage. This will leave the video screen an band members out of view for some fans. It is important to note that all tickets sold will have sight of Elton John at all times during the concert. Tickets listed with side views will typically loose sight of the video board, while tickets listed as behind the stage will lose sight of both the video board as well as some band members.

Limited View
Fans with tickets labeled as limited or obstructed views will have similar views to this photo.

Where does Elton play the most?

Elton John's piano will be located on the left side of the stage for nearly the entire concert. If you are between tickets on the left and right side, we strongly suggest picking seats that are on the left when facing the stage!

How long is the concert?

The concert will last a little over two and a half hours.

Can you see from the upper level?

Yes, there is a very large video screen located behind Elton John and his band members. This screen is easily visible to all seats not labeled as limited or obstructed viewing.

Upper Level View
The views from the upper level are still great due to the large video screen behind the stage.

Are there breaks during the show?

There are a couple of breaks that are a couple minutes in length but nothing that would equate to an intermission. Once the concert starts, expect the show to run until the end.

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Elton John Floor Seats

All Elton John shows have a full seated floor. The stage will be at one end of the venue with the seats taking up the remainder of the floor. The middle section of the floor will have an extra row or two that extends into the curve of the stage. For the shows at T-Mobile Arena, Floor Section B is extended by a couple rows up close to the stage.

T-Mobile Arena Floor Seats
All sections on the floor for Elton John's tours are seated. Check your specific show for the layout.

Each venue labels floor sections differently, so be sure to look at the seating chart for your show to determine where your seats will be located in relation to the stage.

The best views from the floor will come from the front left sections when looking at the stage. Keep in mind that the floor does not have any elevation between rows. This means the further back you are, the more heads you will be competing with for good views. Luckily for this 2019 and 2020 Farewell Tour, the stage has a grand screen to help fans see any elements you might miss.

Check out the video above is from someone sitting around the middle of the floor in Omaha, Nebraska. They will pan out and show the crowd in front of them as well as the massive screen overhead.

Of course for the price of floor tickets to these Elton John concerts, fans want to see everything. For this reason, if you are choosing between floor seats toward the back or lower level side sections, we suggest choosing the side sections. The elevation between the rows makes a big difference in getting clearer views to the famous piano and band.

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Farewell Tour Setlist

Setlist from February 16th show at Allstate Arena in Chicago

1. Bennie and the Jets
2. All the Girls Love Alice
3. I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
4. Border Song
5. Tiny Dancer
6. Philadelphia Freedom
7. Indian Sunset
8. Rocket Man
9. Take Me to the Pilot
10. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
11. Levon
12. Candle in the Wind
(short break)
13. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
14. Burn Down the Mission
15. Daniel
16. Believe
17. Sad Songs (Say So Much)
18. Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
19. The Bitch Is Back
20. I'm Still Standing
21. Crocodile Rock
22. Saturday Nigh's Alright for Fighting
(short break)
23. Your Song
24. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Elton has been playing the same setlist every night of the Farewell Tour. Fans should expect a very similar setlist for their show on the tour. 

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Elton John Concert Merchandise

Elton John Merch
The merchandise stands are filled with items for fans to remember their last Elton John concert.

Expect the merchandise lines to be very long if you are attending one of the Elton John Farewell Yellowbrick Road Tour dates. Since this is his final tour, many fans are arriving early to get in line first. If you are worried about things selling out, don't worry there is no shortage of options at the merch booths with several shirt designs, mugs, hats, glasses and even sweatpants available for purchase. The later you get in line for merchandise, the greater risk you run missing part of the show which starts promptly at the time listed on your tickets.

Farewell Tour T-Shirt
The Farewell Tour T-Shirt was the most popular selling item at the merchandise stands for Elton John's tour.

One of the most popular items of course is the Farewell Yellow Brick Road T-Shirt which was selling for $40 for most sizes. This shirt has all the dates on this farewell tour as is a fan favorite to commemorate seeing Elton John live in concert for the last time. Another popular item which was obvious when looking at the crowd were the light up sunglasses. These flamboyant glasses were being sold for $15 in both red and purple.

More Options
T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Mugs, Pens - you name it - they got it.

If you are looking for a more unique item outside of clothing, mugs, or posters, you can look at the Limited Edition Crystal Brick to mark the end of Elton John's touring career. This crystal brick is sold for $160 and is the most expensive item available for purchase.

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Review of Elton John's Farewell Tour - Allstate Arena

Like most nights in the Chicagoland area in February, it was chilly. Early arriving fans (which were quite a few), crammed themselves into small rooms to stay warm as they waited for gates to open. There was no need to arrive early, other than out of excitement or because there's no predicting Chicago traffic. Normally I would say it was the latter of those two options for a concert at Allstate Arena, but this show was different. It was, after all, Elton John's Farewell Tour. Not only that, but it was his last time ever playing in Chicago after playing the same venue the night before and the United Center a few months earlier. People were excited to get in to see the grand stage. More importantly, they wanted to make sure they didn't miss a single second of this final show.

Elton John Photo with Crowd
Elton John fans at Allstate Arena stand on their feet as he takes the stage.

As show time grew closer, the crowd filled in. Fans slowly made their way to their seats, many in flamboyant Elton-esque outfits. Some fans went as far as purchasing star glasses that lit up in bright pink or purple which were easily visible to the rest of the crowd. The lights went down at precisely 8:00PM - the showtime listed on the ticket. Most fans got to their feet and cheered as a mix of Elton John hits played over the loud speakers. The stage is dark until the first chord of "Bennie and the Jets" which revealed Elton John at his piano before going dark again. As the song gained momentum the stage became fully lit and revealed all the band members located on two separate tiers of the stage. From that moment, the energy in the arena was off and running. Sure Elton is well past his days of dancing on a piano, but he remains an entertainer. He played each song with passion and enthusiasm. For a little extra entertainment, there was a massive video screen behind the stage where for songs like "Philadelphia Freedom"  filled with video content. I could have done without these as I preferred the focus be on the legend in front of me. I found the screen to be distracting at times. However, it was not outside of his colorful character and still fit the concert.

The best songs of the set for me were when Elton John played his songs alone. His band members are fantastic and provide plenty of energy during the show. However, it seemed as if everyone had a moment during the songs where it was just Elton John live. Him and his music. Nothing else. This happened twice during "Candle in the Wind" and "Your Song". The songs that featured more band members were my next favorite including "Levon", "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" and "Crocodile Rock". These songs almost always got the crowd on their feet and dancing. A final highlight for me was during "Indian Sunset". There was a fantastic moment where Elton was joined by percussionist Ray Cooper. This song took on a jam session feel as both musicians artistically and enthusiastically played their respective instruments.

Although I was disappointed to not hear "Circle of Life" or "Can You Feel the Love Tonight", Elton did apologize that only so many songs could make the cut. It is hard to argue any of the songs he did choose. Before playing most songs he also provided some context. Whether it was about when the song was written or his connection to the city, it brought a little more meaning.

To conclude the concert, he played "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". It was a fitting ending number for the Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. After the song was over he hopped onto a small platform which slowly rode up into his stage as he waved goodbye until he was out of view. The screen then showed him walking off into the sunset marking the end of the night.

Sold out Allstate Arena
Sold out Allstate Arena looks on as Elton John tells a story about writing songs.

While he currently does this same show night after night, he will soon be walking off into that sunset for the final time. There are still several shows left in North America on the tour in 2019 and tickets to Elton John's Farewell Tour are still available. The last U.S. show is slated for Nassau Coliseum in New York on Novemeber 16th 2019 with the final show set for December 16th, 2020 at The O2 in London.

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