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Billy Joel, born on May 9, 1949, is an iconic American singer, songwriter, and pianist whose illustrious career has left an indelible mark on the world of music. He gained fame in the early 1970s with his timeless hit, "Piano Man," showcasing his signature blend of rock, pop, and soul. Joel's remarkable storytelling abilities are evident in songs like "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" and "Just the Way You Are," which resonate with people of all ages. 

Over the decades, his versatility has shone through albums such as "The Stranger," "52nd Street," and "An Innocent Man," where he adeptly navigated various musical genres. Joel's six Grammy Awards and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are a testament to his enduring influence on the music industry. His electrifying live performances and his iconic Shea Stadium concert in 2008 further cement his status as a musical legend. Billy Joel's timeless music and unforgettable performances continue to captivate the hearts of fans worldwide, solidifying his place as a true musical icon.

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Billy Joel 2024 Tour Schedule

  • 26
    Billy Joel
    Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
  • 9
    Billy Joel
    Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
  • 24
    Billy Joel
    T-Mobile Park - Seattle, WA
  • 8
    Billy Joel
    Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
  • 21
    Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks
    Soldier Field - Chicago, IL
  • 12
    Billy Joel
    Coors Field - Denver, CO
  • 25
    Billy Joel
    Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
  • 9
    Billy Joel
    Principality Stadium - Cardiff - Cardiff

Billy Joel Tour FAQs

Who is Opening for Billy Joel?

Billy Joel has multiple acts opening up for the scheduled shows in 2024. Supporting acts include:

  • Stevie Nicks
  • Rod Stewart
  • Sting

Opening acts can be on all or some of the dates. When looking at an events page, acts included in the lineup are listed under the information icon.

How Much are Cheap Billy Joel Tickets?

For the shows in the US, the average low price to see Billy Joel is $159. Ticket prices are always fluctuating and can vary from show to show.

The three cheapest events on the schedule are:

These prices reflect how much it is to get in the door. Fans should expect to pay more for better seats.

Billy Joel Ticket Prices & Tour History


Billy Joel has scheduled a few shows in the United States and Canada thus far this year. Listed below are some of the most recent shows of the year.

Recent Shows This Year

  • February 9th - Madison Square Garden
  • March 9th - AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium)
  • March 28th - Madison Square Garden


The January 13th show at Madison Square Garden was one of the first shows Billy Joel scheduled in 2023. In all, there were more than 10 shows scheduled across North America.

Ticket prices for Billy Joel concerts in 2023 averaged about $485. Among these, the February 14th show in New York (Madison Square Garden) was the cheapest, with an average ticket price less than $410.

Lowest Average Ticket Price for 2023

  • February 14th - Madison Square Garden - $410
  • October 7th - M&T Bank Stadium - $430
  • July 24th - Madison Square Garden - $430
  • April 25th - Madison Square Garden - $440
  • January 13th - Madison Square Garden - $440
  • June 2nd - Madison Square Garden - $445
  • May 19th - Nissan Stadium - $455
  • November 22nd - Madison Square Garden - $505
  • August 29th - Madison Square Garden - $510
  • December 19th - Madison Square Garden - $610


Billy Joel scheduled more than a half-dozen shows in 2022. This includes the January 28th show at Hard Rock Live Hollywood and a October 9th show at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The average ticket price for all shows was $340 with the highest prices being recorded for the show in Hollywood at Hard Rock Live Hollywood.

Highest Average Ticket Price for 2022

  • January 28th - Hard Rock Live Hollywood - $695
  • October 9th - Madison Square Garden - $390
  • September 9th - Madison Square Garden - $345
  • February 12th - Madison Square Garden - $295
  • August 24th - Madison Square Garden - $290
  • March 24th - Madison Square Garden - $260
  • April 8th - Madison Square Garden - $240
  • July 9th - Comerica Park - $215


One of the most popular Billy Joel shows of 2021 was Friday November 5th at Madison Square Garden. Interest for that show was at its highest when ticket sales began. Interest continued and ticket prices increased as it got closer to November.

Across all Billy Joel shows in 2021, interest was strongest right when the shows were announced and tickets went on sale. Meanwhile, ticket prices typically fell about 25 - 30% from the date a show was announced until the days leading up to the show.

Average Ticket Price for Most Popular Shows of 2021

  • November 5th - Madison Square Garden - $335
  • December 20th - Madison Square Garden - $345
  • July 9th - Comerica Park - $215
  • January 13th - Madison Square Garden - $260
  • February 3rd - Madison Square Garden - $240
  • September 10th - Great American Ball Park - $330
Tickets and Seating

Behind the Stage at Madison Square Garden

What's is it like to sit behind the stage for Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden? Are the tickets worth it? These are valid questions that we get a lot specific to Billy Joel's residency at Madison Square Garden. The short answer, is if the tickets are in your price range and you are looking to just go for the experience, then yes, the seats behind the stage will be just fine for you.

Behind the Stage at MSG
Sitting behind the stage leaves you without some elements of the show, but the view to Billy Joel is still clear.

One of the biggest concerns of fans is that they will not be able to see Billy Joel perform live. If this is your concern don't worry. Billy Joel and his piano are visible to all seats. There are no obstructions behind the stage and the video screens above are high enough to clear the view for all seats.

300 level behind the stage at MSG
Even the 300 Level Seats have a clear view to the stage.

One of the main reasons these tickets stick out is their lower price. There is a reason they are cheaper and that is because you don't get all the elements of the show. For one, above the stage are several video screens which display different video elements during the show. Sometimes it is the band members performing on stage, other times it is video clips and graphics. This content is only visible to those sitting in front of the stage. If this is something that matters to you, these seats are probably not the best seats for you.

There are some hidden benefits to siting behind the stage as well. For one, the lower price is something everyone can appreciate. Not only that but some of the lower level seats can get you much closer to Billy Joel on stage. Once you're that close, you won't even notice the lack of video screens or effects. It is one way to sit closer while sticking to a budget.

Side View at Billy Joel
Even the side views for Billy Joel can be spectacular and get you closer for a lower price.
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What to Expect

Billy Joel at The Garden - Review

This was my first time ever attending an event at the historic Madison Square Garden. For it to be a concert with New York's own Billy Joel on his 70th birthday was just icing on the cake. I arrived several hours before the show. This is common for me because I like the peace of mind of arriving early, but also I know the delays a congested New York City can bring. And I was right. I arrived almost three hours before the show time and the line to get in was already wrapped along the block. For many who don't attend a lot of concerts, don't let this cause you anxiety. All tickets for Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden are reserved seating, so arriving early won't get you a better seat or view. Also for his residency there are not any openers, so you will not miss anything by not entering as soon as the doors open.

Once at the gates, prepare for some of the strongest security you've ever seen for a concert - this is New York City mind you. At my entrance everything went through an airport-like scanner. It sure makes you feel safe and we thank all those that work security across the country to help fans have safe and enjoyable live event experiences!

Once inside, I got my first view of the setup. Unlike many shows which don't have seating behind the stage, Billy Joel tickets are sold for every seat in the house. In order to allow those sitting behind the stage to see. There is not much of a backdrop behind the stage. Instead, there are several difference sized white banners hanging above his piano. Speakers and lighting are also raised high up above the stage. The stage is oval and seems to mimic the curved nature of Madison Square Garden's floor.

Billy Joel at The Garden
Pre-show crowd for Billy Joel at The Garden

Floor seats for Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden are split into six different sections. Sections A-C are larger and closer to the stage. They are then split by a gate which leads to floor sections D-F which are smaller sections but further from the stage. What is important to note about the floor seats is that many fans stand for the show and there is not much elevation between rows. This causes many fans on the floor to watch what is projected on the screens above the stage instead of Billy Joel live. If you are tall, good for you - but shorter fans might want to opt for a 100 level seat instead.

As the crowd filled in, the excitement built as well. Like all Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden shows it was sold out. While the listed start time was for 8:00 he did arrive casually late (it was his birthday after all!). However, this is probably the case for most shows, but it is still a good idea to arrive early to ensure not to miss anything!

He took the stage with "Big Shot" which of course was to the delight of all 20,000+ fans who sang along to every word. Billy Joel's piano is centered on the stage with a spotlight directly on him. Of course he also surrounds himself with some of the best musicians in the business. For those sitting behind the stage, some of the musicians might be out of view, but Billy Joel should always be in clear view no matter where you are sitting. Since he plays so many shows, his setup is designed to treat everyone who paid for tickets. This is obvious when his piano rotates so that his back is never to one side of the audience for too long when he is playing. This happens consistently, so if you find yourself with a bad angle that should change quickly!

It really did seem like a setlist of hits, but that is just a Billy Joel concert. What else would you expect? He does switch up the songs from show to show, but will always make sure to please fans by playing hits for those seeing Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden for the first time. For most shows, Billy brings up a guest in some form. For this show his first guest was his daughter Alexa Ray Joel. Together they played "New York State of Mind" for a special family moment. Next, only two songs later Billy revealed he had another special guest, Peter Frampton! Of course the crossover was perfect for the crowd who were fans of both legends on stage. While it is never guaranteed that Billy Joel will bring a guest on stage, it is something fans can always wish for to get an even more unique concert experience.

The full show is close to two hours. Again this can change show to show because of the setlist, guests, and other differences. There is not an intermission, but there is an "encore" where he leaves the stage to come back and play several more songs. I put the word encore in quotations because it is pretty obvious he will come back by the songs omitted in the regular portion of the set. For the encore you can expect 3-4 songs, all hits, so get ready to dance and sing!

To conclude, if you are a big Billy Joel fan I do suggest getting tickets for Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden. No matter how many times you see him, there is just something special about seeing him perform at home in his legendary residency that has been going on for years now. If you're lucky you can even walk away with a cool collab experience like I was able to with Peter Frampton.

If you have any questions specific to the show, be sure to reach out to us at [email protected]!

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Setlists For Billy Joel at MSG

For his residency shows, Billy Joel switches up the order of the songs. For good reason to keep himself as well as fans seeing him at multiple shows on their feet.

However, for the majority of shows you can always expect the staples:
- We Didn't Start the Fire
- Uptown Girl
- Piano Man
- Big Shot
- You May Be Right
- New York State of Mind
- Only the Good Die Young
- Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)

We were lucky enough to attench his residency show in May of 2019 and the setlist we saw is below.

Big Shot
My Life

The Longest Time
The Downeaster Alexa
The Entertainer
Don't Ask Me Why
Keeping the Faith
New York State of Mind
She's Always a Woman
Show Me the Way (Peter Frampton Guest)

Baby, I Love Your Way (Peter Frampton Guest)
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
I Go to Extremes
Sometimes a Fantasy
Only the Good Die Young
The River of Dreams
Nessun dorma
Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
Piano Man

We Didn't Start the Fire
Uptown Girl
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
You May Be Right (Peter Frampton Guest)

For the most recent list of setlists, look here.

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