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Section 312 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 312 are labeled 1-15
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 3
  • When looking towards the court/ice/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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      On the TD Garden seating chart, 300 Level sections are also known as Balcony Seats. Especially for major events, these seats are highly regarded for having one of the best atmospheres in the stadium. Balcony Level Views  Views from Balcony Seats depending heavily on the event you're attending and the row you're sitting in. For most concerts, the closest sections to the stage have a side view. While this might be a turn-off to some, we really enjoy the views from the lower rows in sections 316, 317, etc. Balcony sections along the side also have the best views for Celtics games. The basket doesn't interfere with your sitelines like it does in the corner or on the ends. For Bruins games, there are a number of great views from the Balcony Level. Side views make it easy to follow the fast-paced action, while sections on the end give you a video-game-like view. We're also a big fan of corner sections where you have a comfortable angle to center ice. We do think it's worth it to spend a little more to sit in a lower row. There are fewer fans in front of you to block your view, and you'll be closer to the action. Best Balcony Seats The best Balcony Seats at TD Garden aren't necessarily those with the best views. Most fans assume that the center-most sections are the best. But there's one more factor to consider: convenience. There are 15 rows in each Balcony section and up to 24 seats per row. Sitting in a lower row makes quicker and easier trips to the concourse, and rows 3-7 in most sections have the fewest seats. Furthermore, the bulk of the amenities on this level are in the corners and on the ends. You'll have a better view from the side, but closer amenities everywhere else. 

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      I was not wild about sitting in a corner section, because I usually prefer to sit on the side or behind the net. However, these seats were a lot better than I thought they would be and the angle wasn't terrible. The protective net in the lower bowl was a little distracting at times, but I could see ...

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