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Section 445 at State Farm Stadium


State Farm Stadium Section 445 View

Section 445 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 445 are labeled A-E, 1-23
  • There is a walkway betweeen Rows E and 1
  • Entrances to this section are located at Rows E and 1
  • When looking towards the field/stage/court, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 445 Reviews

    Great leg room from an upper level seat

    Aug 2014

    Football Review
    Section 445, Row 23, Seat 9

    I was in the last row of Section 445, and while the walk up to the seats was a long one up the steep aisle, I was surprised with all the legroom I had at my seat. A concrete support pillar just to the left of my seat provided a ton of extra legroom for me, and also provided a nice empty space to where I could put down my food and drink. The views are far from this high in the stadium, but right in line with the 35 yard line for a nice place to sit back and watch the game. Unfortunately it was loud up here with severe echos from the stadium announcer as well. Views of both endzone videoboards allows you to choose the closest one to the action on the field, and overall the view of the field exceeded the low expectations I had when traveling all the way up to the seats. Just be sure to get all your food and drink before the game, bring it to the seats, and you're all set. But certainly not a good option for fans that need to make frequent trips to and from the concourse.

    • Ring of Honor


      When looking at the State Farm Stadium seating chart, the 400 Level is the highest seating area. That level is seating is split into upper and lower portions. Seats in the lower portion make up the Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor Seats are located in the front rows of each 400 Level section. These are lettered rows beginning with A at the very front. Each section has five or fewer rows which makes them some of the most convenient seats for getting to and from the concourse. Why Choose Ring of Honor Seats  For guests comparing these rows to Terrace Level rows (numbered rows in the same section), these are far superior. Terrace seats are accessed via a staircase which makes them more difficult to get to and farther from the field than you'd think. 

    • Terrace Level


      On the Arizona Cardinals seating chart, the 400 Level is commonly referred to as the Terrace Level. This is the highest seating area in the stadium and ticket prices are typically much less expensive than what you'd find in the Lower Level or Club Level. Ring of Honor vs. Terrace Seats  Each 400 Level section contains roughly 30 rows of seats. When you enter one of these sections, lettered rows (e.g.: A) are below the entrance. These are also known as the Ring of Honor Seats. Above the section entrance (and up a flight of stairs) are numbered rows. These Terrace Seats are true upper deck seats and are usually the cheapest tickets for a Cardinals game. 

    • Terrace Level Side (Basketball)


      While very high up and far for a basketball game at University of Phoenix Stadium, some of the seats in the Terrace Level Side offer a decent option for fans who want to watch the action on the court. Sections 411-414 and 442-445 have the best alignment to the center of court, so these should be your top targets when searching for a Terrace Level ticket. The seating rows in the upper level begin with a handful of lettered rows at the front (below the concourse entryway), and continue with numbered rows in the rest of the section. Lettered row seats not only keep you closer to the court and provide an easier walk to and from the concourse, but also have a more comfortable feel similar to a semi private seating deck. 

    • Terrace Level Sideline (Football)


      Located on the highest tier of the stadium, Terrace Level Sideline seats are located between the endzones providing a further view which faces the team benches. Due to the proximity to the 50 yard line, these sections are a great option for finding cheap tickets near midfield. Sections in this location contains 23 rows, with row 1 being closest to the front of the section, and row 23 being furthest. Sections 411-414 and 442-445 are located nearest to the 50 yard line on this highest tier, and are also known as the Terrace Main sections. 

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