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400 Level Sides Seating at Capital One Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

Side seating in the upper level is a good way to get a decent view at a cheap price, but these seats do come with some warnings. Seats in rows M and above will have you scaling more than 10 stairs and are very high up. If you are afraid of heights or are adverse to stairs, choose a corner section in a lower row instead. Otherwise, the view from Sections 418-420 and 431-433 is the best you\'re going to get from the upper level. You\'re definitely looking down onto the stage, but some seats are actually closer to the stage than end seating on the lower level.   -

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    • "Very high but affordable and a good view"

      (Section 433) - -

      These seats are very high but the performers are visible. Clear line of vision plus a view of the screen.

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