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Floor Seats at Capital One Arena are widely considered to be the best seats for a concert. These sections are located at event level and give ticketholders the closest views of the stage.

Stage Setups

There are two primary stage positions. The most common is an end-stage position where the stage is setup in front of sections 116 and 117. The other is known as center-stage when floor sections surround the stage in the middle of the arena.

Common Floor Layouts

The exact layout of Floor sections varies from show-to-show. The standard layout has six sections of reserved seats that directly face the stage. Sections 1-3 are part of the Front Floor and 4-6 are considered Rear Floor. The rows in these sections are lettered and rows A-C in Section 2 are often the most expensive tickets and are usually sold through special fan promotions.

General Admission Floor Tickets

A common variation to the standard setup includes one or more general admission (GA) sections. These are standing room only areas of the Floor that do not have seats. The most common GA sections are GA Floor and GA Pit. Guests with a general admission ticket should arrive early for the best chance to be near the stage.

Floor Seat Numbers

Reserved section tickets include a row and seat number. For most shows, there are 14 seats in each row with Seat 1 being on your left as you look towards the stage. In the standard layout, seat 14 in Section 1 and 4 and seat 1 in Sections 3 and 6 are closer to the center of the stage.

General admission tickets may display a row and seat number, but these are for book-keeping purposes only.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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  • Floor Seats Reviews

    Good for tall person

    Dec 2013

    Concert Review
    Floor 2, Row J, Seat 1

    I am pretty tall, so I could see well, but unless you are about 5'-10", your view will be blocked by the giant head in front of you. They don't stagger the seats at the Verizon center (they are cushioned folding chairs) which would have been much better. Next time I will sit closer or get GA seating right below the stage. Since most acts these days require a lot of floor space for dancing, etc, the GA section was not too close, in fact just perfect. And P!NK had a lot of interaction with the guys in front.


    Apr 2014

    Concert Review
    Floor 5, Row N, Seats 7 and 8

    I would definitely get theses seats again. The view was perfect.

    4 Stars

    Oct 2017

    Concert Review
    Floor 6, Row E, Seats 7-8

    Favorite Seats: Section 3, Row O

    Concert Review
    Floor 3, Row O

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