U.S. Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings 200 Level Club Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Similar to the lower level at US Bank Stadium, fans will have a number of club and premium seating options on the 200 level for Vikings home games. The amenities will vary between sitting in the midfield club areas (FMP and Buffalo Wild Wings Clubs) or in the corner (Club Purple Sections 201-205), but all fans will enjoy the optimal viewing height that comes from being on the second tier of US Bank Stadium.

The FMP Club occupies the second tier sections near midfield closer to the Vikings sideline (sections C6-10), while the Buffalo Wild Wings Club is just across the field and closer to the visitors sideline. Sections here feature no more than 15 rows in each for a more comfortable seating experience, and entry tunnels are near row 9. Its important to note that as the viewing is so ideal from these seats, the television cameras also find a home here located at the front of select sections (C3, C6, C8, and C10). Be careful when choosing a lower row in these sections as your view might be impacted by the camera operators and their equipment.

Club Purple seats (found at the northwest corner of the second tier in Sections 201-205) won’t have the same views being further from the middle of the field, but will offer a more luxurious experience due to the additional amenities. Club Purple seating areas can have up to 20 rows composed of 3 different types of seating, making it one of the more unique spots at US Bank Stadium for a Vikings game.

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Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Ruined by the Camera Well"

    (Fire Club 10) - -

    Certainly disappointing for a premium club level ticket. The dedicated lounge is a nice touch, and the viewing height is just about as perfect as it gets, but I wouldn’t advise sitting in Row 4 of Section C10. The seats are unfortunately placed right behind one of the camera wells, and the cam...

  • "Unbelievable private comfort, proximity to Club amenities and unobstructed view"

    (Fire Club 7) - -

    Seats are in the last row of small Club section. Can stand any time to watch and not block view of anyone behind you. 4 seats 3 in back aisle with no seat in front. Media booth located right above. Few rows from tunnel, to private club and restroom. No camera wells like in the front of the lower ro...

  • "Perfect Club Level Views and Nearby Bar"

    (Fire Club 9) - -

    On the aisle with a ton of legroom (aisle to my left was very wide). Very clear views overall (a small portion of the near corner of the near endzone can be tough to see, but easily remedied by leaning forward just a bit to see over the glass. Watching the big videoboard (just to my left) requires...

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