United Center

"Ten times better for hockey than basketball"

Seat Review From Section 323, Row 12, Seats 7-8
Jul 2013


These are bargain seats for hockey or basketball, but they are much better for hockey than for basketball. The Hawks shoot twice on this end (or thrice if you go to a triple OT Stanley Cup game), which is a definite bonus. Seeing the action on this end of the ice is very good, while seeing action on the other end of the ice was a little hit or miss due to the angle and distance. Most of the ice was visible (board battles in the nearest corner weren't visible), but for being among the cheapest Blackhawks tickets, it's not bad.

The biggest issue with these seats is being in the middle of the row. If you plan on eating or drinking, pick seats closer to the aisle so you don't have to walk over a bunch of strangers and then jump down a bunch of stairs to get to concessions or restrooms. If you do choose aisle seats, the one drawback is that you probably will have to get up a bunch to let strangers out (there are 20 some-odd seats in a row).

Because it takes a while to get out of the seats and down the stairs, bathroom lines are pretty bad by the time you get there (if you go during intermission), so leave a minute early or try to time it perfectly. There is a bar right at the base of this section, so it's pretty good for partying at the Hawks game.

For a lot of bargain seats, it's better to just watch the game from the comfort of your home, but these seats were surprisingly very good for hockey.

Best for... fans on a budget, partying/socializing

Avoid if... you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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    • "Great hockey experience"

      (Section 304) - -

      Great view friendly crowd.

    • "Aisle seats right by ramp"

      (Section 304) - -

      Aisle seats right by ramp to concessions and restrooms. Easy enough to grab food, go to bathroom during a commercial and come back in time for the faceoff.

    • "Great seats watching home team! Great view of arena and goal."

      (Section 321) -

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