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"Highest seat in the house!"

Seat Review From Section 310, Row 17, Seat 4
Oct 2019


Literally the last row of the 300 level. They actually built another row after the ADA seating, so you have to walk up a few more steps to get to this row. If you’re taller than 6 feet, you might hit your head on the ceiling if you jump up too fast! Not a bad view, just be prepared to be up high.

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    Birds Eye View

    Mar 2012

    Section 310, Row 15, Seat 8

    Stairs were steep to get up to Row 15, but once there got a good view of the whole court and could see the plays develop and track all the action. Very cool for the basketball strategist or avid fan, might not be the best for young ones or those looking to impress a guest. Vendors were scarce, and ambient noise (in addition to my awful hearing) made conversation a bit difficult, but very fun to watch the fluidity and fast pace of the game from the angle we had. Once down the stairs and out the entrance for 309/310, mens room was maybe 10 steps, but women's was a bit further down. Concession stand just outside the section entrance with standard stadium food and beverage. Although there was a cool open air bar just a few steps down from the men's room with more premium selection of beers. Very cool.

    • "Right Outside of Ironworks"

      (Section 309) - -

      The best thing about these seats is their proximity to Ironworks, which has a delicious steak sandwich and one of the better beer selections in the upper level. Being in Row 6 and being with a group sitting on the aisle makes it easy to get down to the concourse and back in your seat in a flash. Sit...

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