United Center

"Good to "Get in the Door""

Seat Review From Section 320, Row 9, Seats 1+2
Oct 2018


We knew that these seats would be on the side of the stage and for what we paid, they were definitely worth it. Make sure if buying tickets in these seats the price reflects the view. From here, we were able to see all the band members perfectly.

What was out of view for the most part was the big screen behind the performer. There were side screens for the fans on the side and behind the stage to still get a close up view of the performer.

These seats specifically (1 & 2) were located right on the aisle and above the tunnel. There are two railings that could potentially obstruct your view, but if you lean forward just a little you could see over it.

Overall, these seats are best to just get in the door to see/hear a performer. If you are a big fan or want to see the screen behind the performers it is probably best to look in other areas of the venue.

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  • "Good Seats for seeing Kiss"

    (Section 332) - -

    Not great seats (bad view) but it was so cool to see Kiss here! Super close to the fire and fireworks from the set!--you feel the heat from it! Lots of stairs and close to a bathroom.

  • "Decent view for 300 level concert seats"

    (Section 316) - -

    I was satisfied with these seats for a concert. However, the speakers hanging over the stage did block our view of the big screen. Easy in and out in the top row, and on an aisle. For a United Center show, I would definitely consider these seats again. Much closer to the stage than other 300 level s...

  • "Horrible"

    (Section 333) - -

    These should have been sold as obstructed view. Could not see any of the special effects. Very disappointing for $117.00.

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