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The floor of the United Center is generally divided into 6 different sections for a traditional end stage performance. Floor sections 1-3 are located closest to the stage and feature 24 rows of seating in a typical setup, while floor sections 4-6 are near the back of the floor and are slightly larger with 28 rows of seating.

Its tough to beat the front rows of Floor Section 2 for an end stage show, much in part to the close proximity to the action, and straight away views of the action. The section generally has 14 seats per row in a traditional configuration, leaving seats 7 and 8 with the best head on views to the center of the show. If you can't find the center seats you were hoping for at the front of floor section 2, we recommend searching in the first row of floor section 5 as the aisle just in front provides ample room and clearance over fans in front.

If sitting on the left side of the floor for an end stage performance (Floor sections 1 and 4), you will want to be in the higher numbered seats for closer positioning to the center of the stage. Conversely, the lower numbered seats are the way to go on the right side of the floor (Floor sections 3 and 6). Most seating rows throughout the floor contain 14 seats in each row, with lower numbered seats at the left side of the row as you face the stage.

Not all performances at the United Center will feature a traditional end stage layout, and it is not uncommon to find sections 1-3 extending further back on the floor when less rows are available in sections 4-6. A mixing booth can often be found in the back rows of floor section 5, and for some shows the entire floor can get transformed into a single general admission section with no folding chairs at all (standing room only).  - RateYourSeats.com

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      (GA Floor) - -

      Let me start off with saying this, avoid these seats if: 1) you don't like getting pushed around and 2) you easily become claustrophobic. If you're not bothered by those two points + you want the chance to get right up against the stage; GA FLOOR is for you. I bought these tickets with a large group...

    • "Worst seats ever, I couldn't see anything"

      (Floor 4) - -

      I watched the whole concert on the screens. Worst experience ever. I thought we were going to have a better view that's why I paid $250 for 2 tickets when I could have paid $160 for level 2. Never again I would buy floor seats

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