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The most popular sections in the upper level at TWC Arena are 207-210 on the North side of the arena and 224-227 on the South side. These sections are popular for their sideline views and for having ticket prices that are cheaper than the 100 level.

When buying tickets in these sections, you'll want to spend the extra money to be closer to center court and to be in one of the lowest rows.

Sections 208, 209, 225 and 226 are located closest to mid-court and are the only sections in the upper level that guarantee an unobstructed view of the court. All other 200 level sections have seats where the basket interferes with the view.

These sections located along the sidelines are some of the largest sections in the NBA. Unfortunately, this means you can be stuck walking up and down a large set of stairs or over a bunch of strangers when you want to leave your seats. Each section features more than 20 rows of seats and more than 20 seats per row. If you can't find seats in the first ten rows, you may want to expand your search to include corner sections or increase your budget.  - RateYourSeats.com

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