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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

The Garden features two main seating tiers with a large ring of suites separating the lower level from the balcony. The best 300 level seats (another name for the balcony) are located along each sideline. With ticket prices often 50% less expensive than lower level seats, this is the cheapest way to sit near mid-court.

In addition to unobstructed views of the court, sections along the sideline are much closer to the court than corner and baseline sections. This will help keep you and your guests engaged in the action and make it easier to see in greater detail.

When considering tickets in the balcony, aim for seats near the section entrance at row 3. In addition to being close to the front of the section, you'll be right at the tunnel that leads to the concourse.  -

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    • "Best of the 300 Level"

      (Section 301) - -

      It doesn't get much better than center court for a basketball game. The views are equal on either side of the court. The 300 level at the TD Garden is not too bad, especially if you are as low as we were in row 3. This is the row that the entry tunnels come in, so we were able to walk right into ...

    • "This side of the stadium is the best."


      Center court is at 316 and the seats face the players bench.

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