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Boston Celtics Loge Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Corner seating in the loge is an inexpensive way to sit in the lower level for a Celtics game. While these seats are known more for their low ticket price than great views, some seats do offer good sightlines and great value.

Each corner sections begins with row 1 closest to the court and extends up to row 26. However, keep in mind that row 1 is still about 15 rows from the court. So although your ticket may read "Row 1", you won't be as close to the floor as you think

Instead of spending the extra money to sit in a low-numbered row, consider seats near row 20. These are close to the section entrance and the added elevation gives you a good sightline to each side of the court.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Section 19 Row G Seats 3-5"

      (Loge 19) -
    • "Pretty close, but view could be better"

      (Loge 5) - -

      These seats were decent as I was in the Loge level, but in the second to last row of section 5. The seats weren't too hard to get to since the entrance tunnel was located at row 16. Section 5 is technically a corner section, but my seat was somewhat behind the basket. It was hard to see some of the ...

    • "These seats are awesome."


      No one in front of you. You get to see all the visiting team's players.

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