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Target Field Terrace Level Infield Seating


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Terrace Level Infield seats (sometimes called Home Plate Terrace) each contain six or fewer rows of seating. Because these seats are straight up from the Legends Club and do not go back very far, they are closer to the field than one would expect. Sections 219-222 will have the best view of the skyline, while Section 208 looks almost directly at the main scoreboard.   -

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    • "Club Level View For Fraction of the Price"

      (Section 219) - -

      Feels a lot closer to the field than you'd think when looking at the Twins seating chart and seeing these just below the upper deck. These are on the visitor sidr, but you can't see the dugout from row 4. In the first row I think you can. But you avtually get one of the best views into the Twins ...

    • "The view was very good."

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