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Target Field Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • CATCH (Twins Games) - Aiming to be be one of the hottest areas at Target Field, CATCH is an all-inclusive seating area in center-field. Limited to just 120 patrons, this pr...
  • Champions Club (Twins Games) - Champion's Club seating at Target Field offers fantastic home plate views, in-seat wait service and complimentary food and beverage (excluding liquor ...
  • Delta SKY360 Club - Delta SKY360 Club seating at Target Field offers fans extra-wide padded (bottom only) seats and access to a climate-controlled lounge with dining and ...
  • Delta Sky360 Suite (Twins Games) - Some of the most desirable seats at Target Field are found in the Delta Sky360 Suites in center-field. This is one of just a few all-inclusive experie...
  • Dugout Boxes - Infield seats located at field level are also known as Dugout Boxes for Twins games. These seats offer access to the first base (1B) Lounge located ne...

Bleachers Seating

Target Field Bleachers
  • Bleachers Seating - The Left Field Bleachers at Target Field are a collection of four sections, 128-131. Despite being named Bleachers, these seats do have a chair-back. ...

Family Section (No-Alcohol)

Section 324 is a designated Family Section with no alcohol allowed.

Twins Dugout & Visitor Dugout

target field visitor dugout
The visiting team utilizes the dugout on the third base side of Target Field.
Twins Dugout
Looking down towards the Twins dugout on the first base side of Target Field.

Twins Dugout - The Twins players sit in front of Section 3, Section 4, Section 5 and Section 6

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 11, Section 12, Section 13 and Section 14

Home Run Porch Seating

target field home run porch
  • Home Run Porch Seating - Sections 229-234 and 329-334 make up the U.S. Bank Home Run Porch in left field at Target Field. Home Run Porch Terrace  Sections in th...

Main Level Seating

  • Main Level Seating - The Main Level at Target Field is the name given to lower level sections, especially those labeled in the 100s. On the Twins seating chart, these are ...

Right Field Porch Seating

target field right field porch
  • Right Field Porch Seating - The Right Field Porch at Target Field is made up of sections 139 and 140. Many fans will remember these as the hair cut seats (Great Clips/Super Cuts)...

Skyline Deck Seating

  • Skyline Deck Seating - Skyline Deck seats at Target Field are named for their view of the skyline that can be seen beyond right-field. Because of their location down th...

Standing Room Only

Target Field Standing Room Only
  • Standing Room Only - Standing Room Only (SRO) sections at Target Field are perfect for fans who want to get into the ballpark, but aren't too concerned with having a reser...

Terrace Level Seating

  • Terrace Level Seating - 200 and 300 Level sections at Target Field make up the Terrace Level. These seating areas share a concourse, but they differ in a number of ways. ...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Target Field Covered Seats
  • Shaded and Covered Seats - Best Shaded Seats at Target Field For a Day Game  Sunny days are common in Minneapolis during the summer months While Minneapolis is the coldest...

Obstructed Seating

  • Avoid Row(s) 25-40 in Section(s) 139, S and 101 -

    Section S

    Avoid low-number seats (1, etc.) in rows 13 and above. Specifically, Row 13 seat 1 and Row 14 seat 1 are nearly impossible to see home plate from.

    Section 101

    Low-number seats (1, 2, etc.) from rows 25-40 have a wall blocking part of their outfield view.

    Section 139

    Some seats have a limited view of the outfield because it is lower than an adjacent section.

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

Target Field Seat Views

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Fans seated in the Dugout Boxes can purchase concessions in the lower lounge available on each side of the field instead of walking up the stairs to the main concourse.
The view from inside the Delta SKY360 Club Lounge. Although there was no batting practice for this Sunday afternoon game, this is a popular pre-game spot for grabbing food and watching batting practice indoors.

Sections E, F, G and H

  • Great elevated views from behind home plate
  • Club amenities to make the experience even better
  • Amenities include access to a climate controlled lounge with dining and bar area including a non-reserved area behind glass that allows for fans to eat and watch the game at the same time

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Recommended Seats for Kids and Family

Sections 323, 324, 325 and 326

  • Right next to a gaming zone on the upper level
  • Small sections allow for quick and easy trips to the concourse
  • Cheaper tickets on the upper tier

Section 320

  • Designated Family section
  • Alcohol free area to ensure a family safe environment

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Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

Looking towards straight away center field at Target Field, fans will find the popular CATCH section located just below Minnie and Paul's bar.
The Budweiser Roof Deck is located in foul territory beyond the fence in left field. This area can accommodate up to 250 guests and is typically reserved for large groups and corporate functions.
Looking towards the plaza in center field. Minnie and Paul's bar is located at the top level, while CATCH is located underneath.
The best spot to catch a beer before a Twins game is at Minnie and Paul's bar located in center field.
Minnie and Paul's in center field features a variety of food and beer options - but not a lot of shade. If planning a pre-game visit, remember your hat or sunglasses.
The Goose Island Pub is located near the left field group and standing room areas. The pub is mostly covered and offers rails for fans to stand and watch the game.
While Minnie and Paul's is the best place to grab a beer and enjoy some sunshine, the Barrio Bar in left field offers fans some relief from the sun. Fans can grab a seat at the bar, at a table or stand at a ledge over-looking the field.
Left field is home to an impressive set of group and party areas at Target Field. Among the most popular are the Barrio Bar, Goose Island Pub and Roof Deck.
Target Field offers a number of standing room spaces in left field. This space is located to the right of Section 229.
Most standing room spaces at Target Field include a generous ledge for drinks and food.

Sections 101, 102 and 103

  • Next to multiple alcohol vendors on the lower level
  • Easy to get alcohol and go to the Twins pub that is close by
  • On the shady side of the field, likely to stay cool in the sun

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Seating Tips & Advice

  • "Sections 310 and 311 are Family Sections" - No alcohol is allowed in these sections. And each ticket comes with a voucher for a free hot dog and soda. With a near-home-plate view and food included, this is the best deal for fans and families who are not looking to drink or be around intoxicated fans.

Target Field Seating Reviews

  • "Catch Might be the Best Spot in All of Baseball" - - I am a traditionalist, in that I like my seats at a baseball game to give me the best possible view ...
    Section CATCH, Row 1, Seat 39
  • "Close In, Exposed To Elements, Lots of Traffic" - - Mixed bag-- mostly positive. Seats are in direct sun for day games and anywhere until 4th-6th innin...
    Section 125, Row 20, Seats 1-4
  • "Great Seats Behind Home Plate" - - Legends Club seats at Target Field. Section G is behind home plate, just slightly to towards the Twi...
    Section G, Row 4, Seat 1
  • "Do not sit in Row 14!!!" - - It's a windier day than normal in Minneapolis, and it is windy as can be in the top row. Seriously, ...
    , Row 14, Seat 2
  • "Club Level View For Fraction of the Price" - - Feels a lot closer to the field than you'd think when looking at the Twins seating chart and seeing ...
    Section 219, Row 4, Seat 16
  • "Great close seats!" - - These were fun seats close to the field. My son even got a ball tossed up to him by Toronto's left ...
    Section 128, Row 1, Seats 8,9
  • "Fun Atmosphere, Can't see Right Field" - - The seats are great for watching pitches and infield play, but you can barely see the left and cente...
    Section 239, Row 6
  • "Great ballpark" - - These seats were fantastic. Right next to visitor's dugout. We got autographs before the game and so...
    Section 14, Row 1, Seat 10
  • "not worth the money" - - Went with great expectations because I paid more for box seats. When I got to my seat and saw the m...
    Section 3, Row 6, Seat 8
  • "Unreal" - - Some of the best seats in the park. Right to the 3rd base side of home plate. Just high enough that ...
    Section 115, Row 112, Seats 7-8
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    Venue & Seating Questions

    • What seats are in the shade at Target Field?

      Avoid Left and Center Field

      Home plate faces east at Target Field, meaning that the sun will set almost directly behind home plate. Seats directly behind home plate and closest to home plate (infield) -- especially down the first base line -- will see shade first. Left and center field seats will remain in the sun for the longest period of time.

      Consider High-Number Rows in the Upper Deck

      Target Field Roof
      About half of the upper deck at Target Field is covered by the roof

      An impressive overhang covering nearly half of the Upper Deck keeps many of the higher numbered rows (5+) covered even during afternoon games.

      Related: Where will the shade be for a July game at Target Field?

    • What sections are covered at Target Field?

      There is a large overhang that protects the upper level of the stadium so more than half of the rows in the upper deck sections are covered. Sitting in the back portion of Sections 301-327 is one great option for staying covered. Another place that is covered is in the back part of the lower level. Sections 107-126 are covered by the overhanging club seats so sitting one of the last few rows will be covered. Finally, left field seats are covered as well, but only a couple of rows are covered in this area so sitting in the back of Sections 128-131 is also an option.

      An overhang protects much of the 300 level and the back part of many 100 level sections
    • What is Minnie and Paul's?

      New for the 2016 baseball season, Minnie & Paul's is located just above the center field wall and another new area - CATCH.

      While CATCH is a private, premium seating area, Minnie & Paul's is open to all fans and will provide great views of home plate from an elevated head-on position. A limited number of barstools will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Many of these are situated at the drink-rail, which runs the length of this open-air space.

      For fans with a ticket in an undesirable location, this is a great place to hang out and get a unique view of the field. Just be sure to arrive early enough to secure a stool and a spot at the rail.

    • How many rows in each section at Target Field?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.
    • Is seat number 1 on the left or right side of sections?
      As you look towards the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.
    • More Answers...
    • Which seat numbers are on the aisle in Section 114 Row 24 at Target Field?
    • Where do visiting team fans sit at Target Field?
    • Where will the shade be for a July game at Target Field?
    • What are the end seats in Section 239 Row 9 at Target Field?
    • How many seats are in each row in Section 303 at Target Field?
    • How many seats are in each row in Section 309 of Target Field?
    • How many seats are in Section 114 Row 11 at Target Field?
    • Where is Section 120 Row WC at Target Field?

    Other Photos From Target Field

    target field bullpens
    The bullpens at Target Field are located in left center field, underneath the Home Run Porch. The visiting team bullpen is located directly in front of the Twins' bullpen.
    Target Field Budweiser Roof Deck
    The Budweiser Roof Deck is located in foul territory beyond the fence in left field. This area can accommodate up to 250 guests and is typically reserved for large groups and corporate functions.
    Target Field Entire Field
    Looking out at Target Field from Section 315 in the upper deck. Downtown Minneapolis can be seen above the seats in right field.
    Target Field Group and Party Areas
    Left field is home to an impressive set of group and party areas at Target Field. Among the most popular are the Barrio Bar, Goose Island Pub and Roof Deck.
    Minneapolis Skyline Target Field
    For the best views of the Minneapolis skyline, consider seats on the third base side of the field with a little elevation.
    Minnesota Twins Townball Tavern
    The Townball Tavern at Target Field is located on the second deck of seating in left field. This area is primarily reserved for medium-sized groups and is connected to an outdoor patio area.

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