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sections 329-334 target field
The cheapest tickets at Target Field are often found in the top two decks of left field. These seats are also referred to as the Home Run Porch. These seats are for lovers of the sun, as they are 100% exposed.

About These Seats

Sections 329-334 are among the most elevated outfield seats in all of baseball. You'll struggle to see the main scoreboard, and home plate looks a million miles away. But on a nice sunny day, these are great seats to grab a beer, kick back and watch baseball. Do keep in mind that on hot days these seats are 100% exposed and 333-334 are the last seats in the ballpark to see any shade.

Find seats closest to Row 1 for your best chance to see all of the action in LF (Upper Rows can't see deep LF), and to avoid walking up stairs to Row 16.


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