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Sitting Here for a Concert

If being close to the stage is your priority, the top two considerations are floor seating and side seating on the main concourse. Side seating has a couple of distinct advantages over the floor. First, the seats elevate as you move away from the stage. This allows you to see over other fans seated in front of you. Second, the seats themselves are padded stadium chairs, as opposed to the folding chairs found on the floor.

While side seating has some advantages over the floor, some fans are turned off by the sitelines these seats provide. For example, fans seated in sections 113 and 118 will be incredibly close to the stage. However, these seats have a side view of the performance and are slightly angled to the center of the floor instead of the stage. When looking for seats in these sections, you\'ll want low numbers (i.e.: 1) in section 113 and high numbers in 118.

While we do recommend side sections 113 and 118 as a way to get close to the stage on a budget, if you\'d prefer to play it safe, you can find excellent views close to the stage in sections 101, 111, 112 and 119 . We always recommend the first row in any concert section (this allows you to decide whether to stand or sit), but we also have found great views in and around row 15 in these sections. The elevation provides a comfortable angle to the stage, you still feel close to the action, and you\'ll have an easy walk to the main concourse for refreshments and breaks.   -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Great seats with a great view of the show"

      (Section 111) - -

      Our seats were just as advertised. They were in the middle of the section and right in the middle of our row. We had an excellent view of the stage and the artists (Swon Brothers, Easton Corbin, and Carrie Underwood). The seats are nicely padded and comfortable to sit in, but be aware that the ...

    • "Great View"

      (Section 102) - -

      The seats were so close to the ground it almost felt like being on the General Admission floor.

    • "CaliBASH 2012 Staples Ctr"

      (Section 112) - -

      Best spot and were fortunate to get them via ticketmaster for less than 100. It was a great view and the stage set up was extended so you got to see artist closer.

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