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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

For close proximity to the court and great unobstructed views of the action, consider sections in the center of the arena on the main concourse. Sit in section 119 to be close to the Lakers/Clippers bench or 102 to be near the visiting team. Alternatively, choose seats on the opposite side for head-on views of the players on the bench.

Each of these sections begins with seating in Row A and B closest to the court and then continues with rows 1-20. For the best value, consider seats in the top rows. The views are similar to the ultra-expensive Premier sections and you'll be just a step or two away from the section tunnel and concourse amenities.

Each row contains roughly 20 seats with accessible seating available at the top of select sections.  -

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    • "Best Overall Seats for Serious Basketball Fans"

      (Section 112) - -

      On the free-throw line, eye-level with the rim, facing the Lakers bench (perfect for seeing player's shooting form). 1. Best side of the court (Sections 110, 111, & 112) because you can see the players benches (same side as TV cameras). 2. High enough up so your view is not blocked by playe...

    • "Seat A behind the players"

      (Section 119) - -

      Although it was great sitting directly behind the players, I couldn't see the game. Great view of the backs of their heads.


      (Section 119) -

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