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Stanford Stadium Upper Level Center Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Like most football stadiums, the upper level at Stanford Stadium is a large seating deck with more than 30 rows of seating. But unlike most college football stadiums, fans can find great chairback seating and excellent views of the field from the second deck.

The best seats on the lower level are in the back rows sections located at midfield. Just above these seats are the front rows of the upper level. While the upper level doesn't have the luxury of shade and cover, it does offer comfortable seating, unbelievably great views and easy access to the concourse.

Chairback seats can be found on both sides of the field in sections 211-215 and 231-235. Rows A-H in these sections are among the best second deck seats in all of college football. The elevation and sitelines are second to none and the moderate climate of northern California is a perfect match for these exposed seats.

If a lower row is too expensive, you'll still find great views in higher rows. And as a bonus, there are concourse tunnels located near the top of each section so you never have to walk to far to get to and from your seats.

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