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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

If sitting on the lower level is important to you, the cheapest tickets will be located in the sections behind the baskets. For the Big 12 Tournament and other NCAA tournament games these seats are usually priced about the same as sideline seats on the upper level. We prefer the upper level seats for their unobstructed views, but fans often complain about how far away from the court they are. If you're hoping to get closer to the court in one of these lower baseline sections, be careful about the row you choose.

The rows closest to the court behind the baskets are labeled with letters A-N. Numbered rows then begin at 1 and continue up to 35. With nearly 50 rows of seats, these are some of the largest lower level sections in any basketball arena - college or pro. In other words, your ticket may say row 20 on it, but you'll actually be about 35 rows from the court. If you can only find tickets in the upper rows of these sections, skip them and shoot for the seats on the upper level where the basket won't be in your way.

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    • "Cool view of the stadium, a little too far back"

      (Section 101) - -

      I have a love/hate relationship with these seats. On the positive side, I loved this "full stadium" view which resulted from sitting this far back in the section. Anytime something exciting happened during the game, it was super cool to observe how the crowd reacted. Conversely, it was difficult to ...

    • "Great view behind the basket!"

      (Section 122) - -

      This was my second experience sitting close to the floor and I wasn't about to make the same mistake I did the first time. Last game I attended, I sat too close behind the basket and the basket itself blocked my view the entire game! This time, I still wanted to be behind the basket but instead I ch...

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