Enterprise Center

"Fantastic Seats at Enterprise Center"

Seat Review From Section 114, Row Q, Seats 1-6
Jan 2020


These seats were pretty close to perfect. Seat 1 is on the right side of the aisle when looking at the ice. The section is near the faceoff circle and it's really easy to see the close net. There's a men's and women's restroom right outside the section as well as several drink and food options. One of the best is a schnucks marketplace where you grab what you want and checkout with a cashier.

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    Great view with little room

    Apr 2014

    Section 114, Row F, Seats 7,8

    The seats were wonderful because they were so close to the action, but not enough room to move around with little leg room. Other than that the experience was absolutely fantastic.

    Just High Enough to See Over Boards

    Feb 2019

    Section 114, Row Q

    No problems with obstructions. Close to entry tunnel. Not many better seats.

    Just High Enough to See Over Boards

    Feb 2019

    Section 114, Row Q

    Blue Note Lounge North between Sections 114 and 115

    Section 114

    For Glass Seats tickeholders, the second Blue Note Lounge is located near sections 114 and 115. This bar is fully stocked like the main Blue Note Lounge.

    • "Seats are good, depending on who sits in front of you."

      (Section 101) - -

      The row in front of this one is actually a little roomier.

    • "Perfect for Blues Fans!"

      (Section 115) - -

      Super close, Blues shoot twice. Scored twice in first period. Easy to see replays with the new screens under the jumbotron.

    • "Nashville Predators at St. Louis Blues - Nov 23, 2019"

      (Section 117) - -

      Superb seats and will buy again from Rate Your Seats!

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