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The cheapest tickets for a Blues game or Enterprise Center concert are usually found on the Mezzanine Level. These are the 300 Level sections that wrap around the arena.

If lower level tickets are out of your price range, consider seats in sections 301-305 and 318-322 in the Mezzanine level. While you won't be close to the ice/floor, these seats provide unobstructed views of the action and lower ticket prices than 100 level sections.

The Best Seats Are in Rows A-E

For the best experience, choose seats within the first five rows. Each section has 18 rows labeled A-R with far superior views located in rows A-E. In fact, the views from those front rows are just slightly higher than the ultra-expensive club sections. These rows are also close to the section tunnel (row C), which means shorter walks to and from the concourse

Pepsi Plaza

If you're heading to the game with friends or colleagues, first consider sections on the Northeast side of the stadium (327-330). These sections are close to the Pepsi Plaza bar on that side of the arena. There you'll find the upper level's best spot for hanging out and drinking a beer. It's up to you whether you want to grab a high-top table and enjoy views of the city - or if you want to stand just outside the bar and watch the game while enjoying a cold one.

Blues Shoot Twice

For diehard Blues fans, the other side of the upper level may be a more preferred destination. The Blues shoot twice towards sections 310-313 (in the first and third periods), giving you more opportunities to see home-town scoring chances on that side of the ice.

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Front row at the blue line!"

      (Section 304) - -

      I was sitting in a higher corner row, but decided to sit down here for a few minutes just to get an idea of what the view was like compared to higher rows. Wow, it is so much better - and I actually like the corner view! Row A in the 300 level is a really, really good height for hockey at Scottr...

    • "Comfortable Corner Location"

      (Section 325) - -

      Didn't like being right in the middle of the row. But I did like the comfortable angle that you get from being in the corner. Could see nicely over the net in the lower level so that wasn't a distraction. I didn't get up at all during the game, but Row B is right at the section tunnel so I barely...

    • "Dallas Stars at St. Louis Blues - Feb 29, 2020"

      (Section 325) - -

      Good seats up in corner. Just a couple rows up. Really felt like I was decently close to ice.

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