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Sitting Here for a Concert

The floor at the Moda Center is most commonly split up into three equal-sized sections. For some concerts, these sections are labeled Floor Left, Right and Center. And for other shows, all floor seats are simply labeled Floor.

Regardless of the section labels, there are typically 42 seats across each row on the floor. Seats 1-12 are typically on the right side (as you look to the stage from the seats), seats 16-27 are in the middle and 31-42 are on the left side. An aisle usually separates seats 12 and 16 and 27 and 31. Aisles can also commonly separate rows 15 and 16 and 30 and 31.

For some concerts a general admission floor section will be added. This section will occasionally take up the entire floor, while other times it is only half the size of the floor. In either case, the general admission section is first-come, first-serve and all tickets have access to all parts of the same section.  -

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  • "Absolutely fantastic. The best seats we ever had for a Bubble concert!!!"

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