Rose Bowl Stadium

"BCS National Championship"

Seat Review From Section 11, Row N, Seats 5&6
Feb 2014


My wife and I went to the Rose Bowl for the BCS National Championship game. The stadium overall was a lot of fun. One of the best games I have ever attended. We had Row N seats. I ignored all of the other reviews and went ahead with the 1st row seats because I thought they would be fine. The one good thing about these seats, you get to see all of the celebrities, and sports personalities. The bad thing about these seats, you end up looking at the big screen behind you the entire time.

I was not able to see anything because the net from the field goal blocked us. The security was also right in the way. Chris Berman and Tim Tebow would not move. It was annoying and for the price of the tickets you should be able to see the game. We were lucky enough to move up to the 20th row and we were able to see the game fine. Trust me, you do NOT want to be lower than row 10 or in the lettered row in this stadium. Overall this was one of the best games I have ever attended. I am lucky that I was able to move up or it would have been a miserable game watching experience.

Best for... being close to the action

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "Great view of the Game"

      (Section 13) - -

      You won't see much of the mountains, but couldn't ask for a better view of the game. y

    • "Endzone seats in front of the only video screen"

      (Section 12) - -

      My first time in the Rose Bowl and I learned a few things. The North tunnel, Section 12 is an endzone seat but it is directly in front of the only video board. Could only watch replays if you turned completely around. This section was in the shade by about halftime of the 2pm game. The seats...

    • "Great view of the entire field"

      (Section 13) - -

      but still far from the action. Might want to have your binoclulars with you. Foods, restrooms are close by. Atmosphere with the Spartan Nation ROCKED!

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