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The best seats for a Rose Bowl concert are Field Seats. These sections are located directly at field level and provide guests with the best overall concert experience.

The seating chart for each concert is different and the biggest show-to-show changes are found within the Field Seats. Sections are commonly added, removed or re-assigned depending on the layout of the performance.

General Admission Tickets

Some Rose Bowl concerts have General Admission (GA) sections on the field. These sections do not have assigned seating. Instead, with a GA ticket you'll have access to an assigned area that does not have seats. Ticketholders are expected to stand for the duration of the concert.

Most general admission tickets are labeled GA Pit, GA Floor or GA Field.

Reserved Tickets

Non-general admission tickets are considered reserved seating. These sections are typically labeled with a letter and you will have a specific row and seat to sit in.

Deciding on Field Tickets

Most concert-goers would prefer a field ticket over any other option. Here are a few reasons why some guests prefer to sit elsewhere:

  • Field tickets are too expensive
  • Rear field sections are too far from the stage
  • Guests do not want to stand in general admission sections
  • There is no elevation on the Rose Bowl field
    • Seeing over other fans can be difficult

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    May 2019

    Concert Review
    Field A2, Row 9, Seat 2

    I’m excited to go to the concert tonight


    Sep 2014

    Concert Review
    Field C2, Row 19, Seat 18

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