Red Hat Amphitheatre

VIP Box Seats at Red Hat Amphitheatre

VIP Box Seats Features & Amenities

VIP Box seating at Red Hat Amphitheatre provides fans with excellent views from just above the lower reserved sections, and will also feature a private, comfortable seating area for between 4 to 8 patrons. For some shows, VIP Box ticket holders at the Red Hat Amphitheatre will also be treated to in-seat wait service and access to the VIP Club. If the in-seat wait staff is not available you will have access to the concessions very close by.

The seats will not be padded, but the rest of your experience in the VIP boxes at Red Amphitheatre will be comfortable. Also, the Red Hat Amphitheatre is not a tiered venue. You will be located directly behind sections 1-3 in the reserved sections, but they will be on the same level as you are. Unfortunately, if the people in front of you choose to stand, you will most likely have to stand as well. VIP boxes will also be located close to the restrooms, which are pristine.

When purchasing tickets here, please see the seller notes to ensure VIP amenities are available for your concert.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2021, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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