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PNC Park Grandstand Down the Line Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Home to the most affordable tickets without being beyond the outfield wall, Grandstand sections down the line typically have a great price tag, but a less than ideal view to the field.

You can find good overhead coverage near the back of the sections here (Rows R and higher), however it will leave you with a longer walk to and from the seats and the furthest views possible.

Scoreboard watchers are advised to consider sitting on the right field side, as sections near the left field corner will have a difficult time seeing the videoboard (most notably Sections 330-333).  -

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    • "Up high? FINE BY ME!!!!"

      (Section 327) - -

      Amazing view of everything!!! Very close to Concessions and Restrooms. It's feels very high and steep so if have any fear of heights it takes a few minutes to get used to. I can't say enough for the view. I have sat on the 3rd baseline row A and was immensely immpressed by the view in the upper sec...

    • "Can't see left field, but everything else is great!"

      (Section 331) - -

      Left field cannot be seen in its entirety. However, the view of home plate and the rest of the field is great - and the view of downtown is especially good. Main scoreboard can be seen though it is at a sharp angle. The roof offers rain protection. However, expect direct sun in the afternoons.

    • "Great view of field, river and skyline."

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