"Not bad for upper deck outfield seats"

Seat Review From Section 226, Row 6, Seat 2
Sep 2014


The view from these seats wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It's not great, by any means, but it also wasn't horrible. You can see the infield really well, but can't see deep left field and parts of deep center field. If a home run is hit into the seats below you, you'd have no clue.

You're really close to the left-fielder, which is pretty cool. And if you like being on TV, there is a camera in this corner that is always filming these seats.

Concessions nearby are pretty good. Head towards center field for some garlic fries and a good beer selection. Or head more towards the infield for an amazing array of high-end baseball eats.

Best for... bringing the family, fans on a budget, Catching a home run

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    Had to go through suites and get on elevator to get to seats.

    Section 226

    • "Far, far away"

      (Section 233) - -

      I moved to these seats after sitting in a closer row in the left field upper deck. It is a huge difference being in the upper and lower parts of the outfield upper deck. The field is really, really small from up here. Sitting down, you can't see the warning track in right field, but if you stand,...

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