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Colorado Avalanche 300 Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

While side sections in the balcony get all of the attention - and deservedly so - corner sections offer better-than-expected sightlines and a good value overall.

From these balcony corner sections you can comfortably see both ends of the ice without any head-turning or body contortioning. Granted, seeing the puck as action moves to the other end of the ice can be difficult at times, but you'll still have an unobstructed view of everything that's happening. And when the puck moves towards you, you'll have a great view of the near net.

Among these corner sections, 368-375 on the southeast side are recommended for Avs fans. The home team shoots twice in this direction and restrooms are located right outside of these sections.

For the best overall experience, aim for seats in one of the odd-number sections. These are located in the first three rows of the balcony and offer an outstanding view of the action. If you don't need the amenities of the club level, you'll find that these seats offer a similar view and a lower price tag.  -

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      (Section 308) - -

      Seats 1 and 2 are obstructed view, railing right in front of you.

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